Advent 3101 Upgrade

  Digit 23:21 12 Jul 2005

I would like to upgrade my old PC, but I am not sure what to get to maximize it.

It is an Advent 3101; it can support 756MB of Ram. I have heard that it’s best not to exceed 512MB Ram, as the PC will show out of memory. I don’t want to change the motherboard.

It has 192 MB Ram at this time.
Processor AMD Duron ™ 700 MHz
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-71XE
20Gig Hard Drive
Sound Blaster Audio PCI Legacy Device
Sound Blaster Audio IPCI Zoom V .92 PCI Voice Fax Modem
AMD 756 PCI Bus Master Duel IDE Controller.
ATI Rage 128 GL SD AGP.
Pioneer DVD-115-ROM. 4 speed I think
Logitech Mouse Wear
Windows Me
2 Parallel ports
1 USB port

The only thing I have done to my PC is put extra ram in.
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
If you think it’s a waste of money then I wont bother.


  ton 01:16 13 Jul 2005

If you don't want to change the mobo, add more ram (512 maximum), this should certainly improve it.

  961 09:08 13 Jul 2005

More ram will improve things but anything beyond that is not worthwhile when you could be using the money to save for a new computer complete with windows xp etc for as little as £300

  Digit 15:54 13 Jul 2005

I will take the advice from both of you.
I have hit a snag the original ram that it came with is A GIMM 2649233XTG – 7J 95025 A. PC SDRAM 116 PIN 100 322-620.

When I ordered 128 stick of ram three years ago I quoted them these numbers and when it arrived I popped it in. This was ordered through Kingston.

I have just examined it now and it is in fact 133X64C3/128-R. There has been no conflicting with the 133.

I have asked Crucial for a 256 MB of Ram and they sent as near as possible the difference been was PC 100 (222) 620 and it conflicted with what was in, I tried it on its own and it worked fine. I also tried it with the other two independently and they conflicted.

Crucial were great and took it back and I was refunded.

If any one knows where I can lay my hands on some PC SDRAM 116 PIN 100 322 620 Ram I would like to hear from them.

The PC came from PC World and when I rang them they seemed baffled even though I quoted them the model number, which is 3101 Advent.
They want to know if the Ram is Registered, Buffered, or unbuffered well I haven’t a clue and was told to find out its not on the chips as I have had a look. The ram is also one sided.
Your advice would be appreciated it is worth getting it up two 512 MB.



  961 17:22 13 Jul 2005

In view of what you say can I suggest that you use the Kingstom Memory uk site to explain the situation to them and ask advice

Perhaps I could just venture the opinion that in a similar situation bearing in mind the spec of your processor I would seriously consider saving for a new computer. There are a number of options regarding buying systems for not very much these days and the sort of improvement you will get by more memory in the present system may leave you feeling rather disappointed

Sorry if this is not the sort of response you are hoping for

  Digit 18:21 13 Jul 2005

Hi 961 this what this site is all about and I value your opinion.



  jolorna 18:39 13 Jul 2005

have you tried this forum click here

  jolorna 19:21 13 Jul 2005

click here
the spec for your computer

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