Jonlar 17:40 25 Dec 2007

Hi all, I was using my wife's laptop last week, when a screen pop up arrived, telling me to let it check the pc. I hit cancel and it started downloading (or uploading pc contents??) and went into a repeating cycle of pop ups, file downloads etc..

The name "advancedcleaner", "scanner2", "Malware Alarm", from Mistland Limited and/or Boily Systems Ltd..

Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of this pain in the a*se c*ap please?

  rdave13 18:04 25 Dec 2007

Try these. Download rogue remover (free version) click here ; update and run.
Also download a squared (free) update and run full scan. click here .

  Jonlar 12:02 26 Dec 2007

Hi Dave,
Many thanks, downloaded and ran Rogue Remover - it seems to have done the trick. Happy New Year.

  p;3 12:17 26 Dec 2007

acccording to this search

click here=

you may wish to get the comp further checked out for its complete health by getting a log checked out ; you will need to register with one of these sites

click here

click here


click here

  Willie14 22:21 03 Jan 2008

I like Jonlar tried to stop a popup down loading, thought I'd stopped it but didn't. I've downloaded the two pieces of software as advised by rdave13 and run them. The only problem now seems to be a grey background, the normal backgound picture shows during boot up but is then replaced by a grey background. Been into Control Panel/Display/Desktop but all the backgound options are greyed out, there is only an option to change the background to a soild colour. Any ideas?



  Jonlar 13:52 04 Jan 2008

Hi all, I've got worse problems than ever now, laptop keeps freezing, with a box coming up titled

MICROSOFT Visual C++ Runtime Library

Buffer overrun detected!
Program: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE

also keep getting "Storage Protector", "Scanner2" from

I've downloaded Spyware Doctor, and run the scan, it comes up with multiple hits and problems

"Trojan.Fake 1 infection High Risk Level"
and 43 otherinfections/threats.

It also showed Rogue Remover as a serious threat!

I'm now considering whether to cough up for full use of Spyware Doctor or buying McAfee Internet Suite on-line.

Does anyone have any other recommendations or experience of other programs, which actually do what it says on the tin. Bought my wife a new Acer 5920 with Intel T7300 2GHz (same price as T5320 at 1.6GHz), which has complimentary 90 day free trial of Norton.

  Jonlar 13:58 04 Jan 2008

Posted the above, before I'd finished (Sausage Finger!!).

Which system of protection would anyone recommend and why please.

Yes, Willie, I've had the same happen with the background - lost the Win XP picture, went grey, also lose bottom bar (Start and Systems Tray etc.) for a minute or so, then it re-appears.

Almost continual HDD activity as well.


  LANDCRUISER 15:16 04 Jan 2008

Try norton 360 it works great does what is say on the tin

  p;3 16:39 04 Jan 2008

if , as previously suggested, you register with one of the specialist malware forums they DO do what they say on the tin and wll work with you until they are as sure as they can be that you are clean

meanwhile you can try to run
superantispyware free form home users blue box on a full deep scan

click here

BUT I strongly suggest you get one of the expert forums to look you over ; let us know wich one you choose?

of interest, what IS the antivirus program installed on the computer and what other scans have you run?

  rdave13 22:59 04 Jan 2008

Suggest you go with p;3's suggestion as you have more malware on your system. See this for " C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE ";
click here .

Recommend click here ,as p;3 . Apologies that none of the programs I suggested helped.

  p;3 23:20 04 Jan 2008

I am prepared to be corrected on this but I for one am sure you have a nasty infection on there that will best be removed by the experts on the specialist forum as indicated above

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