Advanced Windows Care Problems,

  birdface 11:34 15 Dec 2006

Hi, Anybody running the above program get the same problems as me,No1 After you run it,You have to go to Spyware Blaster To get cover for the 2 Cookies that it Unticks,No2 When dragging boxes, you only get the outline of the box,So that you have to go into advanced settings and repair it,No3 Internet connections,Local area connections,And press the repair button,And it has Clearing DNS Cache dissconected,So you have to repair that,If you dont repair it it computer runs slow,especially when trying to connect to other programs,This is just three of the problems that I know about. Has anyone else have any different problems with it,and how to repair them,

  missjosy 13:53 15 Dec 2006

Following on from a thread that I opened recently.

I still have one cookie in SpywareBlaster that AWC unchecks.I always return to SpywareBlaster to enable all boxes. I am rather curious about AWC. I wonder if in fact if AWC is any good at all!!
I might uninstall it!!

  birdface 14:00 15 Dec 2006

As Long as we know all the problems that it creates, We can always repair them,Its the ones that we dont know about that worries me,I still run it once a month,Knowing that I will have to repair it,Like you I dont know whether to remove it,or keep it,Stuck in the middle,just nead a little push one way or the other,

  missjosy 14:43 15 Dec 2006

I understand what you say buteman, but, if a programme is creating problems - is it worth keeping?

  Belatucadrus 15:26 15 Dec 2006

The problem is that WindowsCare has a similar blocking system to Spyware blaster and if you run a scan, it will pick up some of the SpywareBlaster killbits that have no equivalent to its own blocker and mark them as False Restricted website settings.
Now Iobit are usually fairly on the ball and add the info in the next update, but if it bothers you, after running scan, open the details by clicking on the red report script, then select the false positive, right click it and add it to the "Ignore list". Next time you scan, it will not show up.

  missjosy 15:59 15 Dec 2006

Belatucadrus - That is helpful.Ta.

  birdface 19:58 15 Dec 2006

Thats fine, But what about the other 2 things, I still have to repair them,Is it just me, or is nobody else getting the same problems.

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