Advanced Windows Care -Free

  johndrew 14:11 07 Jun 2007

Having seen the original concern over this software I didn`t consider it, but now it appears to have a fairly large following in it`s `new` version.

I downloaded and installed it and did a scan in the default mode settings and frightened the life out of myself: 2 Spyware Problems, 2797 Unprotected items, 973 Registry problems, 80 problems in the System Analysis, 5 in Startup, 14 in Privacy and 14 MB of Temporary Files.

AWC2 offers to `Repair` my system but I feel very wary of simply clicking the button based on reports that systems have been `damaged` by this action.

Can anyone who uses AWC2 give any advice on the software and let me know if it is safe to simply allow it to do the repairs it feels should be done.

With thanks in anticipation.

  Miros 14:16 07 Jun 2007

Are you talking about Advanced WindowsCare v2 from Iobit ? if so I use it all the time and just allow it to get on with the job. So far there have been no problems.

  rezeeg 14:19 07 Jun 2007

johndrew I've used it with no problems. It asks if you want to make a System Restore point before it repairs.

  cocteau48 14:23 07 Jun 2007

If you want a belt and braces approach just create a restore point before you run it - and if things go pear shaped,which I have no reason to believe they will as ,like Miros ,I have used it for months with no probs - you can just do a system restore to get you back to square one.

  Miros 14:28 07 Jun 2007

PS. After it has completed you should not get as many problems next time. And you certainly don't want all that spyware on your PC, that would frighten me!!

  birdface 15:10 07 Jun 2007

I used it for about a year,It used to have the odd conflict with SpywareBlaster,And sometime the odd program would not work properly,But once you new what to look for ,They were easy enough to repair.Now do you need it,I am not sure,I found out if you ran C Cleaner first it would not pick up any registry problems. [well maybe the odd one or two.]So you don't really need the registry cleaning part,It covers against spyware programs,but if you have Spywareblaster installed that does the same job.temporary files you can delete them yourself.Now you have to ask yourself ,do I really need it,Or have I already got programs installed on my computer that do the same job.Winaso Registrey optimizer to me does a far better job and also has a defrag with it,Free version only deletes 10 problems at a time,but you can run it as often as you like.Your computer will also run a lot faster,I have tried both and Winaso wins for me.

  sunny staines 15:38 07 Jun 2007

had not problems with it running it for about a month now.

  johndrew 20:35 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for the responses people.

Correct me if I`m wrong, but the consensus seems to be, `scan everything and hit the repair button`; has anyone had a problem with this approach? I was wondering whether to do things bit by bit. Opinions?

  birdface 21:36 07 Jun 2007

I used to scan everything then hit the repair button.It has a restore point on it in case of problems,But I never needed to use it.

  Miros 22:03 07 Jun 2007

It's the same for me as buteman Say's. Hit the button :-)

  Stuartli 23:54 07 Jun 2007

>>I found out if you ran C Cleaner first it would not pick up any registry problems. [well maybe the odd one or two. So you don't really need the registry cleaning part>>

I run CCleaner each time I install or uninstall programs etc (Issues tab) and it always clears up a number of items; the actual number varies.

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