Advanced Windows Care - Annoying Glitch

  cocteau48 17:23 15 Sep 2007

Over the past couple of days when I open Advanced Windows Care I am getting a pop-up box:

Internet Explorer Script Error
An error has occurred on the script on this page
Error:object expected
URL: click here html
Do you want to continue Y/N

Clicking either Y or N just closes the pop-up and the prog runs as normal irrespective of which one you click on so it appears to have no effect other than annoying me!
This pop-up does not appear while browsing in either IE7 of Firefox nor does it appear when opening any other prog.

The problem has been raised on the 10bit forum:
click here
but with no definitive solution.
I have tried the uninstall/reinstall route already.
Has anyone else seen or been affected by this?

  spuds 17:36 15 Sep 2007

Which Advanced Windows Care are you using. The 'Free Personal' or the Pro version!.

Some people downloaded the Pro version via the offer from Giveaway on the Day. The time limited trial as now expired, and pop-ups are appearing.

  cocteau48 17:41 15 Sep 2007

Hi spuds
I am using the free version and it has been running trouble free for months.
Do you know if this is the same pop-up which the now expiring time limited version users are getting?

  sunny staines 17:53 15 Sep 2007


running ok this end. what other cleanup programs are you using.
i have latest ccleaner, eusing,winaso,and they have not affected it.

  sunny staines 18:03 15 Sep 2007

had any possible false positives in antispyware programs that need to come out of quarantine. I had a recent problem re this when media player would not open due to a false positive in quarentine.

  cocteau48 18:07 15 Sep 2007

sunny staines
As yourself: latest CCleaner/Winaso/ and Reg Mechanic.
I have not installed ortried anything new in the last few days before this pop-up started appearing.

  cocteau48 18:55 15 Sep 2007

Absolutely spot on.
There is no sign of the pop-up if you scan off line and - yes - I did install a modified hosts file a few days ago.
How,if I should wish to,revert to the original hosts file?

  cocteau48 19:01 15 Sep 2007

Forget that last query.
I have located a batch file to reset the DNS client on the same page that I downloaded the hosts file from.
Many thanks for you input.

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