Advanced System Care

  ponytail 08:31 25 Jul 2010

Has anyone used this program and if so have they used the shortcut fixer.Just clicked on it and it highlighted about 350 items.What are these items and do they need removing and what effect would that have on my PC.

  sunnystaines 09:02 25 Jul 2010

I have used ASC for ages, it has never found anything in shortcut fixer scan.

  ponytail 09:14 25 Jul 2010

Hi sunnystaines
Just clicked on shortcut fixer again and there is a list of 377 problems with the boxes ticked but not sure whether or not to click on repair.When you click on shortcut fixer what do you get.

  awest3 09:24 25 Jul 2010

also used ASC fos a while but never used the shortcut fixer..just tried it and it found 4, none of which I just let it repair (delete) them..

Tedious but you probably need to check each one and decide whether you need it or not...

  sunnystaines 10:00 25 Jul 2010

i would make sure you have a backup before repair just for peace of mind.

ASC is on my w7 pc not with that at present so cannot answer what i get till i try it later

  ponytail 10:13 25 Jul 2010

Hi Again sunnystaines

What is the best way to make a backup of these files.Do you think it would help to increase the speed of my PC if these files were deleted

  sunnystaines 10:25 25 Jul 2010

what O/S do you have?

  sunnystaines 12:13 25 Jul 2010

just run shortcut fixer, and get a blank log sheet 0 problems found.

  Seth Haniel 12:29 25 Jul 2010

'cover' programs/games then delete them - or run things from USb or Disk their shortcuts are still in the registry -
this will just clear the invalid shortcuts

  ponytail 13:16 25 Jul 2010

Hi Again sunnystaines my OS is windows XP

  sunnystaines 17:39 25 Jul 2010

Free backup software

click here

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