rdave13 21:53 28 Jul 2006

Been checking my download speeds lately and was wondering if anyone has been using click here . Seems to give a wrong reading compared to my actual d.l. speed. Checked with click here and this one click here and both agree a speed of about 4 meg.
Using gamershell site and different servers I'm getting about 3.8 meg. always shows a lower speed. Could it be a problem with sun java? Checked with the verify link but seems ok.

  johnnyrocker 23:31 28 Jul 2006

the site in question is the subject of very heavy traffic as it is an industry recognised source for results, i would think no need to worry.


  Stuartli 23:42 28 Jul 2006

As johnnyrocker rightly points out, adslguide is one of the most reliable and accurate sources of BB speeds.

No two tests will ever be the same but that is due to a variety of perfectly acceptable reasons.

  rdave13 23:54 28 Jul 2006

Thanks for your responces. Still doesn't answer my question though. When I was on 2 meg bb the results used to be quite accurate. Since "upto 8 meg" adsl max though I have lost all trust in their results. Today I have been on 1.5 meg mainly but had a quirky reading of 5.2 meg once. Downloading showed 3.5 to 3.8 meg constantly.

The reason for being particular about my bandwidth is that I'm not happy about my ISP's promises made to me. Ie trying to keep my custom. So I need some accurate-ish results but adslguide are not giving it I think.

  johnnyrocker 00:07 29 Jul 2006

are you with bt? if so they have numerous problems living up to expectations on 'max' several postings will confirm this, i personally would trust adsl but you could try

click here


  rdave13 00:16 29 Jul 2006

Thanks. Downloaded at 523KB/s. Ran a test and showed a download speed of 3702 Kb/s. Will check adslguide now and post back.

  johnnyrocker 00:19 29 Jul 2006

have you noted my bt comments?


  rdave13 00:20 29 Jul 2006

Adslguide test shows 1852 Kb/s. Not good as I think this confirms that their system of checking isn't working at the moment.

  rdave13 00:20 29 Jul 2006

With AOL.

  johnnyrocker 00:24 29 Jul 2006

as prev posted could be web traffic because of it's popularity but i wish you well.


  rdave13 00:29 29 Jul 2006

Many thanks for your help johnnyrocker, will tick as resolved as I've suspected that their test results were a bit too far out for a while now.

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