adsl wont connected but aint.56k only

  Andy 999 22:36 23 Apr 2003

hi everyone, ma adsl is connected to the router but wont load anything.its not the phone line because my 56k works on it.I haveent changed any settings.(xp)How can i solve this.i know its breif but ill post more info tomorrow

  Andy 999 11:00 24 Apr 2003

Ok, i'll be more precise now...

Yesterday my sister was looking up auditions for the next Harry Potter film (lol, as if she'd have a chance)but she likes to do that kinda crap 'cos shes weird and naive.Well anyway, when i was out skateboarding with some of ma m8s i came home and she said that she was behind the pc (OMG) trying to see if the printer was plugged in (usb)and she said the adsl wasnt working.So, i tried a few webpages and signing into msn messenger. The router said that there is a connection to my adsl and it was connected. The router also tells me that their is a link to my network card in my computer.(100mpbs)But, no webpages will load.When i use my 56k now it works fine(so much slower tho, how did i ever use it)and loads up pages with time lol.So, how can i get my adsl running again?ive tried system restore but that was when i had some driver problem with it but they are fine now.

  Andy 999 12:48 24 Apr 2003


  Andy 999 17:19 24 Apr 2003

up we go....:-(

  Andy 999 23:13 25 Apr 2003


  leo49 01:02 26 Apr 2003

Sometimes the ADSL gets 'constipation' - simply unplugging from phone socket and PC, replugging and rebooting clears mine.


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