ADSL Wireless Routers - USA

  Kernal1873 00:28 02 Oct 2005

HI Guys,

Other than the power requirements is there any prohibiting factors in buying a router and cards from the states to use in the UK.

Thanks for any help.


  Minkey1 09:16 02 Oct 2005

Would this be a router only, or with built in modem ? Not sure if this has any bearing but most telco services in the States are DSL I think, i.e. same speed up as down ?

  ^wave^ 11:18 02 Oct 2005

from the telephone point i think they are different to ours so you will need an adapter to use it on our system and i am not sure if it will work i know that modems from the usa work

  Kernal1873 11:44 02 Oct 2005

Thanks for the replies.

I was planing to include a broadband modem (i.e. the US equivalent of the NETGEAR WGU624), when i have looked at the US sites it does state that their wireless routers are DSL.

On the 2nd point point although the US telephony points are different the Internet/WAN into the router is a standard RJ-45 what i don't know is does that mean its a simple task of switching to a UK phone cable.

  Chegs ® 12:40 02 Oct 2005

I bought my 1st ADSL modem from USA(quarter the price of one here)It was no problem setting up to use on our phone system(the driver install was a pig tho')once I'd sourced an AC adaptor for it.WiFi systems are somewhat different tho',different countries use different channels,although I think the cfg for our channel ranges should be possible with a USA item.

  Stuartli 13:33 02 Oct 2005

This is a US broadband help website:

click here

  Kernal1873 14:42 02 Oct 2005

Thanks guys i have tried that website Stuartli to see if they cab throw more light on it.

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