Adsl wireless modem/ to buy?

  WikkidWench 22:00 09 Mar 2005

Hi everyone!

I have just bought a DG834G wireless modem router and disappointed is not the word. Even less than 5 feet from my computer with just a monitor inbetween the signal fluctuates crazily (virtually every couple of seconds) from *excellent* straight down to *no signal*, up to *very good* to *limited or no connectivity* in a random order. (this is the 2nd post i've had to make as it went from *very good* when i clicked to post, to *very low* when sending the post). It seems i'm not the only person having this problem either> click here

Anyway, i'm going to take it back to pc world and get another make, but after having a look around i'm not too sure which is the better to get.

Any suggestions as to which model to go for and which to avoid would be greatly appreciated!


  TomJerry 00:02 10 Mar 2005

router downstair, upstair still have excellent signal, much nicer looking than other makers as well

  Forum Editor 00:29 10 Mar 2005

I'm using a Belkin MIMO Pre-N router on my own network, and I'm delighted with it, but I have also used Netgear routers for many installations with excellent results.

  The Kestrel 11:33 10 Mar 2005

I suspect there is something wrong with your modem router. I have been using a Netgear DG834G for several months to link up 3 PCs, one two rooms away downstairs, and another upstairs in my son's bedroom with 4 or 5 walls and a considerable distance between it and the DG834G. Both computers have consistently received strong or at very least medium strength signals. In fact the one upstairs always has shows a strong signal.

I suggest you check all connections and if this doesn't work, suspect the modem router as being faulty.

  WikkidWench 10:10 11 Mar 2005

I think i'll go for the router being faulty Kestrel. The first one i bought (same model) i had to take back as the power adaptor was faulty!

Belkin was the one i was going to get in the first place but it was out of stock (guess i should have waited huh?). So i'm definately going to go with Belkin! Sorry, but Netgear have totally blown it in my book.

Thanks everyone :)

  captain fantastic 06:11 12 Mar 2005

I am using a Buffalo wireless router WBR-G54. It gives good signal strength in most areas of the house but even when it indicates low I can surf the net ok. Mind youn it does have its moments! I am not sure if its the seperate modem or the router but sometimes it will not connect and I either switch it all off for a while or rebooting sometimes does the trick. The router is set up by using a web page but i cannot access this at the moment and its driving me nuts as I want to use the WEB encryption - Anyone got any ideas?

  WikkidWench 23:29 12 Mar 2005

Hi ya Captain!

I think it would be better to make your own thread hun as i ticked the *resolved* button. People may not pop in here now and see you need help as it's case closed. (if anyones interested i got the Belkin and it works brilliantly!!)

Sorry i can't help you myself with your problem

Good luck!

  lozparry 14:09 13 Mar 2005

I bought this one from ebuyer, for £70 and found it easy to set up. 3Com Wireless ADSL Router With Built In Modem And Free Wireless PC CARD 54mbps.

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