ADSL testing in Test Socket with filter.

  JJ28 22:41 28 Apr 2008

I've been testing my ADSL connection via the test socket with an ADSL Filter. Should my phone line continue to work?

Mine doesn't, is this right?

Thanks in advance.

  Ashrich 23:09 28 Apr 2008

Isn't the test socket already filtered ?


  wee eddie 23:10 28 Apr 2008

Stick your Phone in the BT Master Socket's Test Socket and Dial 174 and you should get a Ring Back.

That will confirm that your Line is working, or not!

Then put the Cover back and Stick your Phone in the BT Master Socket's Main Socket and see if you have a line.

After that, stick the Micro Filter in the BT Master Socket's Main Socket and see if you have a Line.

  €dstowe 09:01 29 Apr 2008

Always remember that the filter is for the phone line, not the ADSL.

  Graham. 09:14 29 Apr 2008

174 has not been available for yonks.

  Graham. 09:18 29 Apr 2008

Are you saying the ADSL works, but when you plug a phone into the filter, the phone doesn't work? Try another phone and filter. If still no joy, there is an exchange fault.

  FatboySlim71 09:49 29 Apr 2008

Its 175 now.

  DieSse 11:58 29 Apr 2008

Test sockets normally cut off al the wiring from the tes socket onwards. They are used to isolate problems to inside or outside the house.

So I would expect nothing inside the house to work when you open the flap for the test socket. The flap should incorporate a switch which cuts off the subsequent wiring.

  JJ28 22:01 29 Apr 2008

Thanks all.
Solved. My phone is connected to a BT installed extension. ADSL plugs directly into the main line. Didn't know that plugging directly into the test socket cuts off extensions!
I feel rather foolish now!

  wee eddie 22:07 29 Apr 2008

Much knowledge is a collection of small solutions. If I were you I'd put it down to experience and turn it into an amusing tale in a few years time.

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