adsl router/modem question

  steveooo 20:54 07 Dec 2004

i am wanting to set up a small lan usin 3 pc's and one broadband internet connection..

just wondering if i buy a adsl router/modem can i connect all three pc's together and use the internet on any pc without the internet connected pc always on..

only asking because i have to dial up to connect to ny broadband, and does a router not require dialin up all the time???????

  mrdsgs 21:03 07 Dec 2004

yes and yes

the router does the "dialling" therefore as long as it is switched on, any pc can connect to the internet, you don't need to have one permanently as a "server"


  jesta 21:12 07 Dec 2004

i wanted to do that but i cant seem to find any router that does that which arnet got any recommendations?


  Technotiger 21:29 07 Dec 2004

Have a look here click here, I have the 5100S ADSL Modem Router. Very satisfied.

  mrdsgs 21:31 07 Dec 2004

wired only roters do exist but the price difference is negligible. get one with wireless and you can go wireless in future if you want.


  mrdsgs 21:34 07 Dec 2004

click here


  Meshuga 22:24 07 Dec 2004

I have exactly the setup you are suggesting and it works perfectly using a Netgear 834 ADSL router/modem.Meshuga.

  steveooo 23:33 07 Dec 2004

think im gunna go for the dabsvalue ADSL Modem + 802.11g & 4 port Wireless Router..

should do the job and quite cheap too..

  steveooo 23:46 07 Dec 2004

its had some bad reviews dont know if to go near it or not... click here

  TomJerry 00:52 08 Dec 2004

Ebuyer 4 Port ADSL Modem Router £30.54 click here

hundreds of happy users (including my self), you can read 300 happy reviews in Ebuyer site.

you linkeach PC to it through network connection. If your PC has not got network connection, you need to fit one £3.59 click here

  steveooo 11:20 09 Dec 2004

think ill go for that one then...

only thing can i add a wireless access point later on if i want???

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