ADSL router woes

  Blaise2006 12:54 14 Oct 2006

Following my recent succeses in establishing a wireless network (belkin)comprising a desktop running Win2000 (hardwired to router) and a laptop running XP I now find that I cannot access the web via the desktop but my laptop connection remains fine.

This morning I was using the desktop to retrieve mail, view web pages when for no reason the browser reported 'cannot access web page try again' Have restarted system, checked all router/ethernet card connetions, reset router etc.. all router LED's are solid green, yet it still refuses to work. I cannot even access

So now confined to a laptop, what can I do to investigate this problem. All firewalls, virus software have been disabled and I use firefox as my browser. What checks can I make and why would it suddenly decide to give up the ghost?

Kind regards


  Forum Editor 14:07 14 Oct 2006

are infuriating, and there's never an easy answer. It could be a DHCP server problem, in that the router isn't assigning an IP address to the desktop. You can often fix things by renewing IP leases. Try this anyway, and come back if it doesn't do the trick:-

Open a command line window and type this at the prompt:


and press the enter key.

Now type this:-


and press the enter key.

This process forces windows to release the IP leases on all network adapters, and then to renew them.

  Blaise2006 10:59 15 Oct 2006

Thanks for the response. Seems to have done the trick I'm up and running again. Fingers crossed nothing else goes bad.



  Forum Editor 11:53 15 Oct 2006

You know where to come if something else goes on the blink.

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