ADSL router - Networking LAN?

  compumac 18:33 04 Feb 2005

I have today obtained a Broadband connection I previously had a network hub and was able to view files etc on my other computers and print from any computer to my printer. I have purchased a BT Voyager 240 modem/router and I believed that the title ROUTER meant it could replace my existing network hub. Now I think that I am wrong.
Am I, and if I am can anyone advise?

  MikeOT 18:50 04 Feb 2005

if there are no extra rj45 sockets in the back, then indeed it is not going to work - it is more of a modem than a router - that's bt for you. I'd by a wireless router for well under £100 and plug that into the adsl modem between it and the pcs. It will have a few rj45 sockets for wired connections.

  Mikè 19:17 04 Feb 2005

You have not brought the wrong item, a four port adsl router is exactly what you need.

Why do you think you may have bought the wrong thing?

  compumac 19:25 04 Feb 2005

I have four ports on the Modem router but only using three to connect to three PC's. I am unable to see the other PC's on the network as I could previously, thats why I think/thought I have the wrong combination.

  Mikè 19:39 04 Feb 2005

Are they in the same workgroup for example mshome?

  Mikè 19:44 04 Feb 2005

Can all connect to www, have you enabled fie and printer sharing?

As a further thought are you using software firewall/s?

  compumac 20:36 04 Feb 2005

YOU HAVE GOT IT IN ONE Firewall was the problem. I had prior to installation of broadband connection checked that all of the networking functions worked OK, - which they did, and obviously the installation of broadband connection must have interfered with that.

Thank you.

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