ADSL Router - Help required for a network novice

  Sawdust 17:43 10 Dec 2005

A few months ago on the purchase of a new laptop with Wi-fi I got a good deal from the 'well known retailer' to install a Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router to network the laptop and my existing (old) desktop.

I practically sat on the chap's shoulder to try and pick up tips and continually bombarded him with questions but now I've bought a new desktop I now have what seems to me such a stupid question.

To gain internet access can I just connect an ethernet cable to one of the spare router connections and run this to the new desktop's ethernet connection, ensuring that the internet connection settings are set to LAN?

Ultimately the old desktop will go and I realise I'll have to re-arrange the network setting but, for the time being, any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 21:25 10 Dec 2005

<<< To gain internet access can I just connect an ethernet cable to one of the spare router connections and run this to the new desktop's ethernet connection >>>

Yes, that should be all there is to it.

In the Network Connections folder, the TCP/IP settings for the Local Area Connection should be set to get the IP and DNS addresses automatically, but this is the default setting anyway so you shouldn't have to configure anything.

If File and/or Printer sharing is involved over the network, your new PC's firewall software will need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers.

  Sawdust 22:01 10 Dec 2005

Many thanks for the confirmation and for the extra info. Will try it.

  Sawdust 20:49 21 Dec 2005

Internet connection worked as suggested. Now I need more help to access the other computers on the network!

1. Do I need to run the Network Wizard to add the new computer to the network?

2. My old desktop runs Zone Alarm and has the range in the internet zone. In the trusted zone is a specific IP range starting at have been set up by the network engineer) My daughter's laptop also had this specific IP range set up. However, she has today updated her Norton Internet Security software and this has changed to zone) Norton was installed on the NEW desktop and this also has the automatically set up in the Trusted Zone. Do the ranges need to be adjusted to the specific range set up by the network engineer.

Sorry to sound so stupid but this is all new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 23:40 21 Dec 2005

I don't understand how could have been entered in the "Internet" zone, it would normally be the specific IP address allocated by the router to the network adapter (i.e. the final octet would not be zero).

However, entering a "Subnet" in the Trusted Zone using the address would be correct, as this covers all valid addresses ( to

The Subnet Mask of remains the same throughout.

  Sawdust 12:18 27 Dec 2005


Thanks for your reply. Sorry I've only just seen it as I'd marked this topic as resolved and didn't think it would be looked as so repeated the question under a new topic. The network is now working fine - the 2 desktops and 1 laptop are all accessible by each other.

However, following your notes on the IP settings, I'm wondering if the settings I've got are secure.

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