adsl router advice for speedtouch 330 modem

  STRETFORDEND08 23:23 16 Nov 2009

Hi there

I am helping a friend move from a dial up broadband adsl modem to wireless but need some clarification...

the modem is a speedtouch 330, which only has a usb lead and an rj11 lead from it. So the only way to connect that to a router is to buy a usb router, but i dont really want to try that

after looking on the net, the majority say to replace the speedtouch completely with the Linksys WAG54G wireless router and just use the same sign in details.

can anyone confirm this is the right option please?

also with regards to using the same sign in details, when using the speedtouch you only need to enter a username and password (no telephone number), would this be the same if i connected the linksys router in its place using ethernet cable?

thanks !


  mgmcc 11:18 17 Nov 2009

You *CANNOT* use the existing USB ADSL Modem with a Router, it needs to be replaced with a wireless combined "Router & ADSL Modem".

At the moment, the PC connects to the ISP via the USB Modem. When you change to a "Modem/Router", it is the router which must be configured to connect to the ISP, *NOT* any of the computers which are connected to it. They all get their internet access over the Local Area Network from the router.

The settings used in the Modem/Router to connect are essentially the same as those used at present by the USB Modem. There is no phone number involved and, when using a router, there is a permanent connection to the internet unless the router is shut down.

  STRETFORDEND08 14:43 17 Nov 2009

cheers for that mate, so will any adsl router have the small rj11 jack to connect to the adsl filter?

thanks again

  Pineman100 18:54 17 Nov 2009

Any decent wireless router will be supplied with an RJ11 cable, but it's easy enough to ask for confirmation of this when you buy one. Even if it doesn't have one (very unlikely!), they're easy and cheap to buy.

My preferred brands of router are Netgear and Linksys (but you may get other views on that!). Any good router should come with a CD that will lead you through the installation procedure.

  mgmcc 20:16 17 Nov 2009

All ADSL Modem/Routers connect to the phoneline via an RJ11 port.

  STRETFORDEND08 20:57 17 Nov 2009

many thanks for your help.
I have managed to get a belkin one for £15 delivered.(ebay)
double checked it has the right port on the back so should be fine

thanks again

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