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  Clayton74 17:25 10 Jan 2003
  Clayton74 17:25 10 Jan 2003

I have obtained a adsl router with an rj45 connection for the adsl modem, the problem I have is my modem is (Alcatel) USB connection is there anyway I can connect my modem to my router


  jazzypop 17:35 10 Jan 2003

Nowadays, the term 'router' is commonly used to decribe a box containing a modem and a switch. If this is what you have, you can disconect the Alcatel, and connect the phone line to the router.

To be safe, it would be helpful if you could post the exact make and model of your router - you should find an identifying label at the rear or underneath.

  Clayton74 18:04 10 Jan 2003

The only infomation I have is BR41. The manual does not tell me what make sorry

  Clayton74 20:34 10 Jan 2003

Thats the one. Any help please

  jazzypop 21:30 10 Jan 2003

If you look carefully at the ports, you might see one that is slightly smaller than the others, i.e. it has an RJ11 (telephone) socket, whereas the others are the slightly larger RJ45 (network) sockets. If so, this has a modem, and you connect the telephone cable to this, instead of to your modem.

You then need a standard (not cross-over) Ethernet cable to connect between the router and your PC's network card.

  Clayton74 07:57 11 Jan 2003

Thanks for all the help I will have to purchase a new router

  Psiman 08:33 11 Jan 2003

You really don't have to buy a new router. Throw away your ASDL USB modem (not literally) and connect your phone line to your present router, as jazzypop says. You don't need to use a router and a modem. Reading the details that ßéŁâ posted, you can in the future, add more computers if you wish as it has an integrated 4-port switch.

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