ADSL query re BT.

  Cessna 09:29 25 May 2003

Maybe I'm just missing the point, but what is the difference between BT Broadband and BT Openworld for using ADSL?

Can anyone recommend a good ADSL ISP provider that is offering a 1 meg or 2 meg connection?? or anyone know of one who is talking about doing faster ADSL?

  -pops- 09:35 25 May 2003

BT Broadband is the connection only.

BT Broadban OpenWorld is a full internet service with email addresses and all the frills.


  MIke 09:36 25 May 2003

Bt Broadband just gives you connection to the net. BT Openworld is an ISP and so offers e-mail account, web content,and webspace for your own site. BT Openworld also filters your e-mail to remove spam and viruses.

Can't help on the second part of your question sorry as I can only get 512K on my line

  graham√ 10:36 25 May 2003

Faster Broadband available from click here. Hope you've got a lot of disposable income!

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