adsl modems

  MARCO69 17:03 25 Jun 2003

Hi, can any one tell me which is the best adsl modem to buy and from where is the cheapest, as i bought one from my adsl provider to find it's not compatible with my system which is windows98se?

  Magik ®© 17:13 25 Jun 2003

hi. it what way is it not compatible? does it just not work?.

  malgall 18:26 25 Jun 2003

yes i agree with magik what do you mean by not working is it driver then try makers web site for latest or does it not work then try and test on another computer if possible it may be faulty
but i can not see a modem not working with windows 98
my adsl modem is a cheap fujisu fdx310 and it has been fantastic
one thing is the instructions did say make sure you install drivers before plugging it in or windows may auto detect and give it wrong drivers

  MARCO69 18:55 25 Jun 2003

well after speaking to them on the phone at national rate for an hour with me at my computer ,they finally said after something comming up on the screen saying multlang not availble they said it was not compatible. so now waiting for a refund. know anywhere i can buy a good one from cheap

  Magik ®© 19:39 25 Jun 2003

as for what type of adsl modem to get, a lot seem to use (the one they call the frog) by alcatel daft looking thing, but they work well, both on win98PC's and XP PC's..mine has never played up.

  Magik ®© 20:14 25 Jun 2003

just one last point, is the PC's OS in english? because if you are getting the "multilang" and it is not in english, then it will not work.

I think i am right, but no doubt someone might shed more light on it...

  nigelangel1 20:35 25 Jun 2003

Hi...My Bt Voyager modem came as part of my AOL broadband package. Mostly if works fine, but sometimes, especially after a reeboot, it just wont respond. I have to keep pluging and unplugging it from the usb until it finally fires up, and the windows XP reccognises it. Have tried getting latest driver update, as reccomended by AOL, using powered usb hubs, etc, etc, but to no avail.....the problem still persists. Anybody out there able to help me??? Thanks [email protected]

  Magik ®© 20:40 25 Jun 2003

the most common reason being, as you have noticed, the drivers have to load first, so often on re-boot it can not find the modem, next time pull out the usb plug before re-boot, then once you are back to the desktop, plug it back in, it will then find what is is looking for...


  nigelangel1 20:47 25 Jun 2003

Wow! I never realised that....that modem has been doing my head in since i went onto broadband!! Everytime i get a problem I'll pull the usb plug and then replace it after the reeboot. Thanks.


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