ADSL Modem for Wireless Cable Router

  bht-at-home 16:51 18 Nov 2010

For some time I have been considering upgrading my wireless router.

Given that I have a 2.4/5.0 Wireless card fitted in my desktop, I thought I would go for one of the "dual band n Wireless Routers".

Two of which come to mind are the D-Link DIR855 and the Linksys E3000; both have had reasonable reviews, and both can work on 2.4 & 5 GHz, simultaneously.

The only problem with these two routers is that they are designed for cable; not for ADSL - They do not incorporate a modem!

As far as I am aware, there is not currently a dual band "n" wireless router on the market, which incorporates an ADSL modem, which works on both bands simultaneously!

My initial thoughts were to purchase a dedicated ADSL modem, such as the D-Link DLS-320B, or the Linksys AG241.

Presumably, I could connect up like:

ADSL Telephone Line >>> Modem >>> Wireless Cable Router >>> Desktop.

The questions that arise are as follows:

(1) Will this arrangement work

(2) If so, how do you set up this arrangement - Is it a two step process as follows:

(a) Presumably, you connect the modem to the landline and to the desktop and set up in the usual manner, entering all of your ISPs parameters.

(b) Next, I assume, you connect the wireless router, in-between the modem and the desktop, and then perform setting up of the wireless router!

The next question is can I "mix and match" manufactures - Like the Linksys E3000 router, with the D-Link DLS-320B modem. I ask this, because the Linksys modem is not readily available.

I would be grateful for any comments/suggestions


  mgmcc 08:45 19 Nov 2010

As I understand it, the reason for using a *combined* Router and ADSL Modem is that it's not as simple as 'daisy chaining' an ethernet ADSL Modem and Cable/DSL Router.

This is because, in the UK, ADSL uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and generally Cable/DSL Routers only support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). In countries such as the US, where their DSL uses PPPoE, this isn't a problem.

What you could investigate is using a conventional ADSL Modem/Router and plugging into it a Dual Band Wireless Access Point. You'd then connect to the separate W.A.P. instead of the router's built-in one.

  bht-at-home 09:08 19 Nov 2010

Thanks, mgmcc!

Life is never simple; looks as if I will have to do a re-think.

Cannot understand why there is not a wireless router, with an embedded modem, which supports simultaneous duel band operation. I suppose it is to do with the UK, always doing things in a different fashion

Thanks again,


  Ashrich 23:29 17 Dec 2010

How about this click here , does just what you want ....or this click here , does the same .


  bht-at-home 10:03 18 Dec 2010

Problem resolved; bought a Belkin Play Max Wireless Modem Router NN+

So far, I am very impressed

Thanks for all of your replies

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