ADSL Modem Installation

  lynn 15:19 11 Mar 2004

I tried to hook up my ADSL modem to an upstairs extenion phone and it all seemed to work ok until I got a message saying that there was insufficient bandwidth and to disconnect other USB devices. I don't have any other USB devices. Is the problem that I have connected to an extension? I hooked up the first filter to the primary BT phone and the other filter to the extension phone in the upstairs bedroom. Is the problem that I have 70 or 80 feed of extension wire between the two phones which is causing a problem? I have the dial-up modem connected this way and also a third extension phone. Any ideas?

  MichelleC 15:35 11 Mar 2004

Although isp's say adsl won't work on an extension line as the data can't travel - it works ok for me. I guess the 3rd extension phone needs a filter too.

  lahorie 15:45 11 Mar 2004

I have a 40 foot extension with a filter at primary socket and one at the end of the extension. I feel you may need a filter on each phone extension/socket you use. This is recommended.

My connection used to disconnect every 10 minutes or so, problem was faulty modem.

  lahorie 15:48 11 Mar 2004

Sorry about posting twice, my on board USB ports were also kicking the modem out, after 2 months of this, i bought a usb2.0 card and it's been fine ever since.

  Chegs ® 16:45 11 Mar 2004

I got this message with my last puter,it was fixed by reinstalling newer Via 4in1 drivers(assuming your mobo is also equiped with Via chipset)

  David-235429 20:34 11 Mar 2004

Lynn, I have an ADSL modem on an extension cable of around 60 ft but I wired the extension into the BACK of the main BT socket and dont have any problem. The extension kits you get from DIY stores etc come with a little tool enabling you to do this. It's a bit fiddly but not dificult but dont know if it will cure your problem !

  Gongoozler 20:46 11 Mar 2004

Hi lynn. The length of telephone cable to your modem shouldn't be a problem. There is a lot more cable between your house and the exchange. My home is wired with telephone sockets in most rooms, and my modem is at the end of something like 50 feet of cable from the primary telephone socket. Your computer is complaining about the USB bandwidth, so I wonder if the cause lies inside your computer. I think a PCI USB card could be the solution.

  TommyRed 21:01 11 Mar 2004

I connected to broadband last weekend, my PC is upstairs and was connected to the dial-up by a 15mt phone extension cable. My ADSL modem wouldn't connect so I bought a pukker ADSL extension cable from a computer shop (10mt) for £15.00 and everything was tickety boo. I believe Maplins sell them as well. HTH TR

  Chegs ® 21:17 11 Mar 2004

If you add a USB hub with its own power supply,or a 4 port PCI card for the modem only,the problem should go(but driver updates are free d/l's,so check out Via 4in1 version and see if its possible to update)click here

  LastChip 21:48 11 Mar 2004

I'm trying to get clear in my mind what you have done.

When you refer to an upstairs extension, do you mean a properly installed extension socket (hard wired), or do you mean, you have plugged an extension lead into the downstairs socket and then plugged in your modem at the end of the lead upstairs?

The problem I can foresee, is if you have plugged an extension lead into a Filtered downstairs socket, that lead now becomes a filtered lead, which is not what you want for ADSL. If this is the route you have taken, assuming you do not have any other devices downstairs, remove the filter downstairs, and plug the extension lead straight into the BT Master socket. At the end of your extension lead upstairs, fit your filter, and use as normal.

There is significant misunderstanding regarding filters. Filters DO NOT filter ADSL as such, they filter the noise ADSL produces when data is transmitted so that OTHER devices, telephones FAX's etc. can work properly. In other words, it is these devices that use the filters, NOT ADSL. If you are not connected to the internet and no data therefore is being transmitted, you can hold a perfectly normal telephone conversation on an ADSL enabled line, with NO FILTERS whatsoever.

I hope this helps clarify the use of filters.

The other thing that may be worth mentioning is, as far as I know, unless you have special arrangements with BT, all household telephone circuits are limited to a REN of 4. What this means is, most modern telephones FAX's etc. have a REN of 1, so 4 devices in total, is just about your maximum.

  fitcher 22:06 11 Mar 2004

yes get a modem with a powered supply helps usbs own power output

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