ADSL modem going into overdrive?

  dogtrack 12:45 25 Jul 2004

Just wondering if any one has thoughts on the following:- System= P4 3Ghz+HT, XP home and all the usual bits and pieces.
Using an Alcatel ADSL modem, soon after connecting, the modem uses 100% of the CPU. Thus bringing the PC to a crawl. This behaviour continues even after disconnection. I have to physically disconnect the cable for the PC to return it to normal.
Have also used a Voyager ADSL modem with the same result.
The internal 56K modem works without any of this peculiar activity.
I would also point out that the system is clean of any spyware or virus infection. All Drivers are up to date, and there are no visible conflicts in Device Manager.

  AndySD 13:04 25 Jul 2004

Have you got a firewall??

Are the USB modems??

  dogtrack 13:07 25 Jul 2004

yes on both accounts

  dogtrack 11:42 26 Jul 2004


  Chegs ® 12:06 26 Jul 2004

USB modems are sometimes known to cause this behaviour(I got it a couple of times when I had ISDN USB)I cannot recall what exactly I did to cure it,but think its something to do with "Services" in XP.Try Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up the Task Manager,and see if there is any way to shutdown the service thats drawing on the CPU.

  Graham ® 12:35 26 Jul 2004

The ADSL modem must be on a root hub on its own. Check in Device Manager, root hub, Action, Properties, Power.

  dogtrack 05:41 27 Jul 2004

I hear what you are saying. The Modem is actually connected via a powered usb Hub. It also works flawlessly this way, on three other computers. When so connected...2xLaptops & 1xDesktop. Will try what you suggest and see how it behaves...Thx.

  dogtrack 08:04 28 Jul 2004

did as you suggested and connected the Modem directly to the motherboard, instead of via the Hub. Have just had 24hrs of problem free, a very hearty thank you. From one very happy bunny.

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