ADSL modem connection problem

  Summer76 15:43 10 Apr 2003

Hello again

I've finally got my Freeserve broadband up and running but i've only been able to logon twice. I keep getting a warning telling me "Please un-plug and then plug-in the usb cable of your modem to continue"

I have a Copper Jet ADSL Modem. The usb light on the modem is always green but the adsl light is orange. The status monitor always shows "Modem is functioning but not trained"

I've tried all 5 usb ports and reinstalled the modem. I have spoken to Freeserve and they tested the line for me which they said was fine. I have a pci usb card installed and they suggested I needed to update the drivers because from what they can tell the card does not have enough power for my modem to be detected. I don't understand how that can be if i've managed to logon twice.

I recently purchased this pci usb card click here so i'll do as they suggested and download the latest drivers if someone could tell me where I can get them from.

Do you think the problem lies with my pci usb card or with Freeserve?

  IZZY 17:14 10 Apr 2003

I'm not sure, but there might be some help here....

click here

Unfortunately, the site is in German. (Just trying to be of help)

Good Luck


  IZZY 17:18 10 Apr 2003

Second thoughts...Might be Dutch, (double dutch to me anyway)


  Summer76 20:13 10 Apr 2003

Thanks but from what I can gather that's drivers for the Copper Jet modem.

Anyone else out there with advice? I'm bumping this up, i'm dreading the prospect of paying £27.99 a month for something I can't use.

  Summer76 03:02 11 Apr 2003

Sorry, but i've been looking for advice all over the place,(and this forum has been very busy, lots of people needing help). Freeserve tech prove to be useless yet i'll contact them again if there's no other advice.

  bigray 05:36 11 Apr 2003

can these sites help? click here or click here could ebuy let you know anything

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