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  blackmoon 23:53 06 Jan 2003
  blackmoon 23:53 06 Jan 2003

I can't yet afford broadband, it may sound stupid, in fact I know it does. I'm building a new pc, and will eventually get broadband, Can i use an ADSL modem with my normal btopenworld acount, is there any way to make the modem work at 56K til i get broadband?
Try not to laugh too hard!!!!

  LastChip 23:56 06 Jan 2003


  DieSse 23:57 06 Jan 2003

No, you can't do anything with an ADSL modem except ADSL. So get one when you do want to sign up for it.

By the way - it's not a silly question, if you don't know the answer to it - perfectly sensible thing to ask.

  Steve N 23:59 06 Jan 2003

don't worry not laughing! I assume when you say btopenworld that this is a normal 56k dial-up service? If so then you can't use an ADSL modem with it.

I currently use Freedom 2 Surf broadband. It is wires only so i bought my own modem and microfilters from ebuyer. The PCI modem was only about £30 the microfilters about £3 each. The service itself is only £22.50 a month for your standard 512/256 and a contention of 50:1. Activation is quite expensive though. Cost me £70 but i believe there is a discount with most service providers either now or in the near future.

  blackmoon 00:02 07 Jan 2003

Ok, thanks DieSse and Chip.Well, I'll just have to wait.

  blackmoon 00:06 07 Jan 2003

That doesn't sound that bad when i read your figures. I thought it would be more expensive than that.
Thanx steve.

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