ADSL modem for 56k dial-up

  [email protected] 17:57 01 Dec 2005

Is it possible to use an ADSL modem on a PC which does not have a modem, for a 56k dialup connection?

  Chegs ®™ 18:00 01 Dec 2005


  woodchip 18:02 01 Dec 2005

You cannot use a ADSL on Dial-Up connection only on a ADSL Broad Band line. Still uses BT line but changed to DSL so you can get a BB isp

  [email protected] 18:16 01 Dec 2005

OK and thanks. It's just that I have a couple of ADSL modems spare and my friend has just bought a PC without a modem! Does a 56k modem come on a card, external or is it an integral part of the MOBO? My old PC just connected phone line/back of PC where all the cards are situated. [France by the way]. Happy for any gen to clear up this little mystery? Thanks.

  woodchip 18:18 01 Dec 2005

you will find them all over external, internal card and or on mobo from about £4.50 up

  ade.h 18:19 01 Dec 2005

All dial-up modems are PCI cards these days, AFAIK. You used to be able to get external ones, but there's no need really, with so many PCI slots on ATX boards. They're very cheap; have a trawl of Ebuyer or similar and you can probably pick one up for less than a fiver.

  [email protected] 18:20 01 Dec 2005

Bit of background. The PC is very basic [price reflects this] and sold on the assumption the user already has ADSL to which the user would connect using USB. This was not pointed out in the shop. Just trying to find a way around the problem for a week or so until the user can get ADSL established.

  ade.h 18:20 01 Dec 2005

Woodchip beat me to that. Quicker typer!

  [email protected] 18:21 01 Dec 2005

Thanks. Problem is opening the brand new case and the dreaded guarantee. Looks like there is no way around it then...

  ade.h 18:30 01 Dec 2005

External dial-ups are not quite extinct yet, but are of course going to be a bit more expensive. Here's one click here

  ade.h 18:31 01 Dec 2005

And some internal ones click here

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