THE TERMINATOR 22:39 19 Mar 2004

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my modem. It is an ASDL modem and should have d'lds speed of 544Kbps or 68KBps at the moment it is only d'lding at 55Kbps or 6.9 KBps I have 2.4 gig system & 512DDR. My modem is a Fujitsu FDX310. And I am running Windows XP.I have had this modem cheked with a friends laptop and he registered 52.9 KBps d'load speed. Has anyone any ideas as were my problem lies. I have blocked unessessary programs access to the web with Norton Firewall but it does not help.

  deadneat 23:12 19 Mar 2004

Cable or wires? If wires 55 - 60 is the norm on 512. It will vary from time to time. I would not worry about your speed.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:20 19 Mar 2004

The modem is connected through the telephone connection. But if my friend got a speed of 52.9 Kilo Bytes per second on his laptop, then how come I only get 6.9 Kilo Bytes per second on the PC?

  The Spires 00:31 20 Mar 2004

Who is your ISP?

  The Spires 00:34 20 Mar 2004

Also are all your phones including sky box, burglar alarm filtered?

  THE TERMINATOR 21:16 20 Mar 2004

Soz 4 taking long time.
My ISP is Karoo and yes my phone connections are filtered. I have installed the latest drivers but it makes no difference. I am puzzled by the fact that my friend who only has 64MB of memory and Windows 98 can get a download speed 8 times faster than mine.

  Totally-braindead 22:22 20 Mar 2004

Just a thought but has your internet provider setup with BT for Broadband. Perhaps the line hasn't been enabled. Definately worth a call to BT.

  Dipso 23:16 20 Mar 2004

Have you tried this speed test click here

Post back with your results.


I don't think The Terminator would be able to connect at all if BT hadn't enabled the line.

  Forum Editor 23:33 20 Mar 2004

for you to connect to a broadband service at all. The downstream speed you mention is very low - it should run at around 55-57KB/sec (or around 460kbps).

Low downstream rates can be the result of noise on the line - due to fax machines or answering machines being connected at the same time - or to problems of contention on the ISP side of the service. Test the connection speed using the link given to you by Dipso and let us know the result.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:55 21 Mar 2004

Dipso and the forum editor, thanks for the link but I have already tried the speed test 6-10 times already that's how I got the results I have. I have also done a speed test at with the same results.

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