ADSL Microfilters & Tel. extension leads

  Longsightboy 10:10 13 Mar 2004

I need to move my PC to the other side of the room but I don't have a socket there to plug my ADSL microfilters and my phone in.

Can I use a 5 meter extension lead or, do I need special cable so as not to lose line quality?

Also, would a router (wireless) be better as I may want to share my connection with my other 2 PCs (I have network cards & cables from my LAN playing days)

Thanks in advance, Longsightboy

  thisisnighthawk 10:41 13 Mar 2004

use the extension lead, or of course get a new socket a few feet of wire and put a new box on the wall...........might save falling a/over/t.

  Longsightboy 11:37 13 Mar 2004

Can I put a new socket in the new location myself as I don't wanna pay BT any more than I have to!

I might just buy a 20 Metre RJ11 to RJ11 Cable lead, should work I think.

  Indigo 1 11:42 13 Mar 2004

A good site full of good references click here

  rawprawn 11:43 13 Mar 2004

You don't need to buy RJ11 cable, all you need is to buy an extention lesd long enough to reach where you want, they come with a connector at both ends. plug one end into your socket & plug a broadband filter into the other. Then connect yor BB Modem. I run my BB from a 15 meter extention from another room like that with no problems

  rawprawn 11:45 13 Mar 2004

PS. If you have a telephone sharing the socket you need a filter there as well.

  thisisnighthawk 11:56 13 Mar 2004

yes, no problem putting a new socket in, you can push the wires in with a small screwdriver, or get the proper tool for about 99p. B&Q sell the wire, you only use 3 of the strands..

  rawprawn 12:21 13 Mar 2004

B & Q sell the telephone extentions with a socket at each end, they are not expensive

  David-235429 14:35 13 Mar 2004

also see this thread click here

  Longsightboy 15:28 13 Mar 2004

Used my extension lead, problem solved!

Thanks to all respondents.


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