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  rsinbad 20:11 16 Oct 2006

Just upgraded to plusnet adslmax 8mb i know there is a settling down period of 10 days ;but my download speed is 130kbs?

My router stats are

System Up Time 02:15:12
Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
WAN PPPoA 17005 18625 0 1182 4315 01:02:51
LAN 100M/Full 28816 24871 0 3445 706 02:15:08
WLAN 54M 8630 7759 0 614 146 02:14:59

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 35 db 8.5 db
Noise Margin 6 db 26 db

My original 2mb line was constantly 1995mbs
no change to my filtered connection any ideas?

  STREETWORK 21:41 16 Oct 2006

8 mb is the possible speed, but in reality it is not often achieved, factors such as the line quality and if the local exchange has been set up will have a bearing oon it...

  rsinbad 22:12 16 Oct 2006

i understand that there are facters influencing actual speeds ; but 130kbs is little better than dial up. my line is fine only the two wires connected/filters and distance from exchange is 1.5km less than a mile.

feel that there is a problem with bt have submitted a fault ticket with plusnet and awaiting there response.

thanks for your imput

  Danoh 22:58 16 Oct 2006

If you were with BT ADSL beforehand, you could be giving Plusnet a lot of ammo to have a go at BT for "throttling" traffic at the exchange for LLU operatives!!
Unless Plusnet is running at a very high contention ratio? I.e. loads more people connected to the same pipe?
Do you get different speeds at different times of the morning/very late evening?

  rsinbad 23:53 16 Oct 2006

Danoh no been with plusnet for some time now had the 2mb premier1 but have now been upgraded to the 8mb (modem speed with the looks of it) 130kbs download 488kbs upload. wow i'm impressed, still waiting on feedback from plusnet.

I expected some variation .1m download and .4 upload is rediculus.

I have tried drtcp, tcpoptimiser still the same.

isn't technology wonderful.

  Danoh 17:26 17 Oct 2006

Hi again, rsinbad! :-)
That, as you say, is simply not acceptable!

Weird that the download is greater then the upload speeds? Did you mean it to be the other way around?

Did you try downloading from Microsoft's downloads site? click here
I had found in the past that the FTP site I was trying to download from was running really, really slowly ~ tested my connection with the MS site, which was ok.
My 4 Mbps NTL cable manages circa 500kbs download from MS.

  Danoh 17:29 17 Oct 2006

Thats real data downloads, rather then click here which shows me getting very close to 4 Mbps with occasional circa 3 Mbps download speeds.

  rsinbad 18:09 17 Oct 2006

hi the figures are correct adsl speed test is the one i use , just ran it again 130.8 download speed and 382.0 upload. all very strange had feedback from plusnet saying they have adjusted something and to monitor over the next 48hrs.

odd thing is router stats show connected at 8120mbps download 488mbps upload?

Thinking of traing the local pigeons for my emails.

  rsinbad 17:28 26 Oct 2006

Well it seems that bt or plusnet have sorted things for me gettng 5Mbps downloads and 488 kbps downloads.

  Danoh 18:10 27 Oct 2006

Good to hear, rsinbad!
My 4Mb cable shows as 3.7Mbps (3,833 kbps) down & 376kbps upload speeds on average.
The best real download speed is more like 400kbps through a wireless router ~ I plan to check real download speeds via a direct cable modem connection, to see if I get closer to the 3.7Mbps recorded by my broadband test site posted above.

  rsinbad 19:39 27 Oct 2006

Funny thing this max, reading the plusnet forum posts i'm not on my own. other thing is when you raise a ticket they tend to imply its your setup ;but in most cases of max its BT or the provider. Interesting reading click here it did actually inprove my down and upload speeds even when they were low.

Anyway alls well i hope does anyone want to buy my pigeons?


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