ADSL help - connection will not work

  Bad Beagle 11:44 02 Oct 2006

Please take the time to read this rather long post as I would really appreciate your help.

Historically, BT have said that we live too far from the exchange to receive broadband. However, Talk Talk say we can get it and I signed up, we were initially told our Win 98se PC would be OK but when literature arrived it said not. After discussion with Talk Talk we bought a new Dell XP notebook.
After my “go live date” the modem etc arrived but I am unable to connect – Talk Talk advised that I should try again some hours later and once again I was unable to connect. I got a message that there was no dial tone (bizarre as dial up works ok). This time I called their helpline and was cut off half way through the discussion – I will call back tonight.

Colleagues at work say that I must connect from the main BT socket in the house and that if any extensions have been put in with the wrong type of cable they will not work. It transpires that the main BT box (which is modern) is in the loft and that all the sockets are extensions from this – run through the walls.

1. Is this likely to be a problem ?
2. Must I replace the cable on all extensions or only the one I wish to use the PC on ?
3. What about the ADSL micro filter – do I need one on every socket, just the main socket, all those with phones connected or only the one that I use the PC with ?

Thanks in advance.


  rawprawn 11:56 02 Oct 2006

You are best putting a filter on each socket, if you haven't done this already it may well be your problem.I connect my PC through a 20 meter extension that I bought at B & Q (just ordinary telephone extension) & I have no problems

  PSF 12:04 02 Oct 2006

You do need a filter on all sockets.

I have been trying to get my dad's Talk Talk working for over 2 months now.

You will need a lot of patients with talk Talk they say they will ring back, but it is always 14 days before you get a call. That is if they bother.The 14 days is also working days!!!

When you speak to them take down the name of the person. Everytime I speak to them they have lost the notes. They then say someone will ring back.... and so it goes on.

I am getting the same message, 'error 680' which is no dial tone. the ADSL light just flashes. This indicates there is a fault with the line or exchange.

At one stage they blamed BT, then said it was their fault as they have upgraded the speed to 8mb.

Sorry for the gripe but your post struck a nerve.... :-(

  Bad Beagle 12:27 02 Oct 2006

Thanks guys - Do I need a filter on every socket even if nothing is connected to it - if so why ?

  PSF 12:40 02 Oct 2006

There should be a microfilter installed in every phone socket that is IN USE. Equipment like Sky TV, Alarm systems or FAX machines all need microfilters. click here for more info.

  anskyber 12:41 02 Oct 2006

You need a filter on any socket that has a connection made to it. Usually it is best to extend from the socket then have a short connection after the filter rather than the other way round.

  Lettervanman 12:53 02 Oct 2006

click here

Some good Information on this site.

I agree with rawprawn,mine runs through extension cable with no problem.

  Fingees 13:05 02 Oct 2006

Is your computer trying to dialup?

Make sure when using ADSL that your internet preference is set to 'Never dial a connection.

I can't remember how to do this in '98, but in xp it's control panel/internet options/connections.

This may help

  Bad Beagle 14:31 02 Oct 2006

There is a lot for me to think about here - very grateful to you all


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