adsl hell

  jcb33 17:31 12 Jan 2003
  jcb33 17:31 12 Jan 2003

hi i have 3 questions please

1. is click here good for broad band and douse the £22.99 a month packege alow you to use kazza

2. wot are the problems of a usb adsl modem

3. which modem is better usb or roter if roter douse this simply work by pluging the modem into the lan port with a network wire

thanks for any help
with regards Mr Gunn

  Forum Editor 17:57 12 Jan 2003

on the quality of the Force9 service - I've never heard of them.

I can comment on Kazaa however, and that is to say that I hope you aren't planning to download illegal MP3 tracks or pirate software? I'm sure you're not, but it's worth reminding you that there is new legislation coming, and with it will come prison sentences for people who download illegally. They'll be traced via their ISPs.

2. There are no real problems with ADSL modems - they usually work perfectly. You would be well advised not to plug the modem into a USB hub however - plug it directly into the USB port on your computer.

3. It's not a question of an ADSL modem being better than a router, or vice versa - they are two different things. You use a router to distribute the broadband connection to more than one computer, and you can nowadays buy routers with modems built in. Otherwise you will find that you can plug the ADSL modem directly into the ADSL router. You'll have to download the modem's firmware to the router (the documentation that comes with the router will ex-plain what to do)and it will automatically connect you to the broadband service each time it (the router) is booted.

Connect a second computer to the router using a network cable (you'll need a network adapter in the PC) and you can then use the broadband connection on both machines.

  jcb33 18:05 12 Jan 2003

how can they track u and how do they no wot ur downloading (i am only downloading documents not illegal warez)

  Chris777 18:09 12 Jan 2003

JCB33 - ignore forum editor's false information about this "new legislation". He has some deep-seated hang-up about file sharing apps in general and kazaa in particular. I write articles for a couple of file-sharing web sites so I know of what I speak - and I can tell you that no such laws are forthcoming, nor is there any likelihood of them ever being so.

  interzone55 18:14 12 Jan 2003

1) Internet is not SMS, there is no character limit to these forums, just an 800 word limit.

2) Every computer connected to the internet as an IP address (eg, under new legislation ISP will be required to log your IP address, and all the IP address you have connected to, so it's a simple matter for a powerful data mining computer to find everyone in the UK that's connected to the known warez sites, then they can easily find out, from checking the Warez sites ISP (if it's in the EU or US) what you downloaded.

Be afraid!!

  jcb33 18:15 12 Jan 2003

is it ok to download soft ware free then

  Pilch.... 18:15 12 Jan 2003

they tend to look at the packets of information that go through their server's......

then they look at what IP address it was going to, then find who was conencted via that IP and then the username eventually getting to your name and address....

  interzone55 18:18 12 Jan 2003

the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) act will become law, the US Digital Millenium Copyright laws are in force, and very powerful, the EU is not far behind with a similar law. Hollywood & the software companies are really putting pressure on governments to bring these laws into being.
Once the laws come into force the technology is there to make them work.

  Hunte® 18:20 12 Jan 2003

I use the Force9 ADSL service and the £22.99 packages do not block any ports or apps. Only the cheaper 20.99 package stops binary newsgroups and p2p software.

The service is good with regular upgrades and also information on the Force9 portal if there is any problems. (click here)

click here For Force9n ADSL access

  wawadave 18:26 12 Jan 2003

d/ling from kazaa click this link
click here

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