Adsl Explaned?!?!

  M4D 01:06 11 May 2003

Can anyone help me understand a little about Adsl.

I have a Epox EP8RDA+ with onboard lan and my local telephone exchange has just reached it's target, And i thought thet when i get adsl i would be able to plug it straight into my motherboard via lan ! Now to be honest im clueless about Broadband so can anyone tell me if thats true about the lan, Or at least if not can you recomend a good modem that i would be able to use for gaming when i get Broadband..

Thanks, Chris M...

  Steve N 01:21 11 May 2003

ok. Before you can use ADSL you will need a ADSL modem. There are many different types. you can either have an external one which connects to your PC via USB, or Ethernet(your LAN socket). Or like I used to have to save space get an internal one.

If you have a network at home you may want to share it. I do and i recently purchased the Netgear DG814 which is a ADSL modem and Router in one box with 4 LAN ports. Highly recommended if u need somit like that.

If it is just you though then it is up to you whether u want to open up the box and install the modem urself or just plug it into a port. have good prices for ADSL equipment.
You'll need a microfilter for every phone socket you want to use a phone with too!

  Forum Editor 01:23 11 May 2003

you'll need to buy an ADSL modem - some ISPs provide them and some don't. I have found that all the ADSL modems I've tried have been pretty much the same in terms of performance - I'm currently using an Alcatel Speedtouch 330, and it's excellent.

You don't have to use an external modem of course - you can get internal models - but an external USB model means that you can use another computer with the minimum of fuss if you need to.

Other than that, you'll have an ADSL filter, which is a small adapter plugs into the phone socket on your wall. It has two connectors - one for the ADSL modem and one for an ordinary phone. You can then make/receive phone calls at the same time as being online.

Think of ADSL as converting your phone line to a large pipe with a smaller pipe running inside it. The large pipe handles digital ADSL data transfer at very high speed (faster in the downstream direction than upstream), and the inner, smaller pipe continues to handle ordinary analogue phone traffic in the usual way. It's the filter that separates the two at your end. In the telephone exchange there's a much more complex version of the filter, and that separates the two streams as well - the voice traffic goes onto the BT telephone network and the ADSL traffic is routed straight out to your ISP's web servers and from there to the Internet.

Clever stuff, technology.

  Pilch.... 02:16 11 May 2003

The USB option is cheaper and easier for one computer.

Anyhow, if you want to use the Lan Port on your machine you need to have a router modem, expensive choice really for one machine, also means even harder set up. My advice is to use the LAN port if you have say 2 or more PC's that you want to give access to seperatley in which you would by the router/modem.

  M4D 02:42 11 May 2003

Well that cleared that up nicely!!

Thanks people and FE, the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 is one that a friend i play UT with has just recomended to me so i'll probably be giving that one a look over when i get my Broadband...

Thanks again, Chris M...

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