ADSL cease pending on my line?

  mrwoowoo 16:11 17 Apr 2008

Just been on the BT adsl checker.
It states that there is an ADSL cease pending or in progress against this line.
This cease is due to complete by 18th april.
Can someone explain what this means please.

  anskyber 16:14 17 Apr 2008

Have you moved to another ISP provider recently, say Talk Talk or other LLU providers?

  mrwoowoo 16:19 17 Apr 2008

Thanks for the reply anskyber.
No,thats the strange thing.I have been with AOL (don't laugh) for about a year or so.
Only thing i did was to go on live help to see if my line would support the 2mb speed i am contracted to as i only get 1 meg.
They said they would put me on to 2mb in a few days.
That was 3 weeks or more ago.

  bomberforpm 16:22 17 Apr 2008

ahh the joys of AOL

Id give them a bell asap mate as it sounds like one of the helpdesk monkeys have pressed the wrong button

Alot of contact centres systems are not linked however, the internet may not be showing the true state of the line

  tullie 16:25 17 Apr 2008

Dont call them helpdesk monkeys,they are just trying to do their job,with limited training.What do you do for a living?

  bomberforpm 16:40 17 Apr 2008

i work in customer service aswell, but for a rather less evil empire

And at the end of the day this man is paying for a service that AOL seem to be messing up.

Im pretty sure AOL training policys wont help Mrwoowoo when his Connection gets terminated.

Customers pay for a service, if that service isnt recieved then the fault lies with AOL.

Be it human error or not.

Feed the munkys or replace the hamster eitehr way Mrwoowoo get in ontact with AOL asap.

  mrwoowoo 16:44 17 Apr 2008

Ok,been on live help.
It was because i requested an upgrade to 2mb about amonth ago which they said they had done.(laugh)
The are working on the line as there is a bit of outage which mans my line won't support 2mb.
Advised to contact again in a few days,although it seems a bit pointless.
Anyway,at least i'm not being disconnected which i thought it might have meant.
Thanks for the replys.

  mrwoowoo 01:01 18 Apr 2008

Woo hoo.
AOL have just upgraded me to 2mb.
Better late than never(O:!

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