adsl broadband speeds

  01chris 20:30 01 Jun 2005

I have Tiscali broadband and I am paying for a 1mb service but when the pc actually connects it tells me that it is a 2.3mb connection. I looked on 5 different websites that test your connection speed and each one told me I was connecting at around about 500kbps. Since I am paying for a 1mbps service should I be worried?

How accurate are these websites?

  Dipso 23:45 01 Jun 2005

This click here is what I get from click here for my 1Mbps service.Ignore the connection speed shown in the systray, this is often throttled down to your actual connection speed but you should definitely be getting more than 500Kbps.

  01chris 16:18 02 Jun 2005

this is showing that my speed is 1mb (which it what i pay for) but why does windows tell me it is 2.3mbps and other websites tell me it is 500kbps?

  Dipso 21:24 02 Jun 2005

A possible answer for this is that your ADSL connection speed might well be 2Mbps, this being your connection speed to the exchange, however you could well be restricted at the ISP end down to a speed of 1Mbps. Overall you would have a 1Mbps speed. However if at a later date you wanted to up your speed to 2Mbps, then the ISP could allow this by a simple few commands on a keyboard (and adjusting your payments I suspect) without any further physical work required. BT are supplying 2Mbps connections now, and restricting speeds further down the line to save rework in the future.

With regards to the speed tests, results from these can be dependant on things like the test site being busy or on the location of the test site ie.if it's based abroad. I get different results when using other speed testers but find the ADSL Guide one to be the most reliable. To be sure run a few and get an average.

  01chris 13:43 03 Jun 2005



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