ADSL Broadband Question

  sjl17 13:18 14 Sep 2006

I've just moved house and have been forced to get ADSL broadband after years of cable broadband with Telewest.
The thing that is really baffling me is the speed which my phoneline supports. If I go onto BT's website and enter my phone number and postcode they say I can have upto 8mbps. Tiscali say I can only have 1mbps, and AOL say I can only get 512kbps. Why are they all quoting such a difference, and who should I believe!?

  Jackcoms 13:27 14 Sep 2006

BT's exchange may be enabled for up to 8mbps but, if Tiscali and/or AOL have their own equipment in your local exchange, they are only capable (at the moment) of providing up to the speeds they quote

  sjl17 13:30 14 Sep 2006

This is what BT Wholesale says about the line:
For Telephone Number ******** on Exchange ******

Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial test on your line indicates that your line should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides a line rate up to 1Mbps. However due to the length of your line the 1Mbps service may require an engineer visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

Our initial test on your line indicates that it is VERY UNLIKELY your line will support a reliable broadband service, with current technology. However, an order for 250Kbps broadband speed will still be accepted, but an engineer may need to visit who will, where possible, supply the service.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable for the service you wish to purchase.

Thank you for your interest.

Rather confusing?

  Jackcoms 13:35 14 Sep 2006

"Rather confusing?"

No, not really.

The BT exchange is still enabled for up to 8mbps.

However, because of your distance from that exchange your line is probably only good for 250kbps because of the degradation of the BB 'signal' as distance from the exchange increases.

  sjl17 13:38 14 Sep 2006

In the first paragraph it says I should be able to get up to 1Mbps. The second paragraph says only 250Kbps. So which one is it?

  Jackcoms 13:43 14 Sep 2006

click here

click here to see how far you are from your exchange

  sjl17 13:59 14 Sep 2006

Apparently I'm 700 metres from my exchange. Does this mean I have little or no chance of a decent connection? :-(

  anskyber 14:05 14 Sep 2006

Quite the opposite. I did the line test for my phoneline. It gave a answer similar to yours. When actually in place the speed (tested through a number of testing sites) averages out at 3.5 megs download and 400kb upload.

  sjl17 14:09 14 Sep 2006

So on this basis, how do I decide which to go for? I like the fact that AOL has a free wireless modem at the moment, although I would prefer a speed of at least 1Mbps. Any advice?

  Jackcoms 14:33 14 Sep 2006

There does seem to be a bit of a contradiction here.

I'm 1.23km from my exchange, yet I'm quite happily getting a 2mbps service from Tiscali.

It might be worth having a chat with BT.

  Stuartli 14:52 14 Sep 2006

I'm 580 yards from my exchange and when I originally switched to BB with Tiscali from dialup 18 months ago I was informed that 1MB was the limit.

In the event I got a superb 2MB service from the start until Tiscali decided to undertaken "service enhancements" at my local exchange.

So I had to drop to 1MB on the advice of a Tiscali engineer who phoned me and who refused point blank to believe I'd had a 2MB service. The day after this speed drop was undertaken, Tiscali's My Account Downgrade/Upgrade section offered me 2MB...:-)

Yes, you've guessed it.

That's one of the reasons why I'm no longer with Tiscali after eight years (started in WorldOnline days).

At a higher price.

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