ADSL back to Dial-up.....Help me ease that pain???

  AdventCalendar 22:38 01 May 2003

Ive been on ADSL in the UK for a while, but i have recently moved to France and have had to go back on the old dial up connection. (im in a non ADSL area).

I have gone with "Tiscali", who came with good recommendations.

Problem is that the connection is unbearably slow.....and i dont just mean slow as in i am used to Broadband...this thing is unbelievable.

Its takes about 1-3 minutes to turn between all pages, and downloads take an eternity. Ive got a decent Laptop with a Pent 4 chip, 28 gig of hard drive left. 512ram, and at 1.8ghz it isnt old hat.

I really dont know what i can do to help it?

any ideas?????????? PLEASE???


  explicitlyrics100 22:45 01 May 2003

They really have major internet problems - even worse than the UK!!!! Nothing you can do really other than trying a few different providers, besides its always going to be hard to cope without adsl so sorry i cant help ease the pain :p just search around. Chris

  fitshase 23:04 01 May 2003

Have you tried using an ad-blocker so at least you are not downloading the banner ads, etc., which are full of pictures?



  peskywabbit 23:05 01 May 2003

I don't know how you'll manage....solution to your problem.....MOVE BACK TO THE UK!!!! or suffer the eternal problem of mega slow downloading........

Yours sympathetically...

Pesky ;-p

  AdventCalendar 10:14 02 May 2003

anyone else????? :(

  jeez 03:59 05 May 2003

Talk to your telephone company to see if there's anythink they can do with the line. (gain, old noisy cable, etc)

  Ellie3009 11:26 05 May 2003

Try using Wanadoo as your ISP?
I lived in Lyon last year and never had a problem with speed using them, in fact I think it was faster than the UK!

Can you get cable in your area?

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