professor 11:47 20 May 2003

hiya ppl

bin doing some thinking and then suddenly a spark went off in the ol noggin, in theory would it be right to say that if an ADSL is put in along next to a 56k that the 56k could dialup and then if i was to add the ADSL in multilink options (yes my ADSL shows up as a type of modem if i install my 56k first) that my ADSL would give the boost to my 56k in web surfing\downloads?

wot do u lot think? interesting theory at least isnt it?


  davidg_richmond 11:51 20 May 2003

should work in theory! however is there any point? theres only a 10% boost and you'd need some kind of connection manager if you want to download files across both lines i would guess.

  Eagie 12:08 20 May 2003

Is it worth the hassle? The increase in speed wouldn't be that great, you'd be tying up your phone line (one of the major advantages ADSL has for me is that the phone line can be used for calls at the same time as surfing) and it would cost you money to dialup.

  professor 12:17 20 May 2003

thats just it by putting my ADSL on the multilink list would give mass improvment in theory without me paying more than £12.99 a month! as my ADSL has software where i can tell it the speed it should work at and if it cant then it will opt for the fastest it can go on a normal dialup line so instead of a download rate of say 7kbps(thats my standard) with the ADSL setup as described even opting for next best that 7kbps could go up to 20kbps or more!


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