woodchip 22:32 16 May 2003

What does it do, other than allow to downlod faster on the net, and on 24/7

  VoG™ 22:34 16 May 2003
  jazzypop 22:36 16 May 2003

That's it, in a nutshell. Virtually instant access to the web, email etc, and much faster downloads. Browsing is also quicker, of course.

The real difference (for me) is that the whole of the Web becomes as quick and easy to access as a CD such as Encarta would be - it really does transform the way I use the online services.

There is no longer a significant distinction between working with files on my HDD or on the Web.

  Steve N 22:40 16 May 2003

ADSL or broadband internet is GREAT! I will never go back to 56k. Webpages loud a lot faster, you can download music in no time at all. New drivers to fix your PC probs are easier to get too. Online gaming is great, and the content you can experience from flash sites is no longer a pain to download.

Its good stuff

  Eagie 22:41 16 May 2003

Add to that you can use your phone line whilst being online. Another advantage is you can leave your computer checking e-mails all the time so you get them straight away.

  woodchip 22:47 16 May 2003

I have also noted that BT are testing SDSL, In my area they are just updating the Exchange they have just managed the required target. It may be better to wait for SDSL. What SAY YOU

  powerless 22:51 16 May 2003


Woodchip go for ADSL!

(SDSL umm well lets all get used to one term for now, ADSL)

  VoG™ 22:53 16 May 2003

Don't know what SDSL is.

Anyway, woodchip, you will not believe the difference in performance that you will see. It can change lives - literally.

  woodchip 22:54 16 May 2003

SDSL upstream and downstream same speed, also BT lowering BB to £25

  otubby1 23:06 16 May 2003

If you are in a cable area, go for that.

You can get 1 and 2 meg speeds, whereas ADSL is 512 and thats ten time faster than your 56k.

I used to download at 4-5k on a good day, now it's 60-70k, and I don't even want to go there with cable - if you know what I mean!

  woodchip 23:09 16 May 2003

No Cable or I would

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