ADSL 24 Does anyone use them & whats your opinion

  FatboySlim71 13:35 22 Sep 2007

I am considering changing ISP's if things don't improve with my present ISP. My complaint is that I am getting LARGE fluctuations in my speed at various times of day. I know that they can be fluctuations at certain times of the day but I would not have expected to see fluctuations as large as I have seen. For example I run a test on the website this morning at 7:AM and I got a result of 5460 KB/s.

I ran a few other tests, one been about 45 minutes ago and this was 691 KB/s. The other two I done an hour earlier were 1186 & 1070 KB/s. Bearing in mind my broadband package is an up-to 8 MB package. I will add as well I live roughly 400 metres from my exchange according to some site I visited the other day.

My dilemma is:
Do I change ISP and risk not getting any faster/stabler speeds than I am getting at present with my present ISP Zen?

  Dipso 15:59 22 Sep 2007

You already know my opinion on this, research first then go with a 1 month contract ISP with no known capacity issues, no risk.

  umbongo(uk) 23:38 22 Sep 2007

yes i use them and there top notch especialy if your a gamer and downloader

they have an on peak and off peak system so you can download during on peak upto 30gb and off peak is 300 a month just means if your a heavy downloader you schedule them for night time
i havnt reach either limit yet !

there no 12 month contract
and they keep you upto date with any system works
or problems with their broadband network

like dipso says if your not happy you can easily leave them without hassle

  FatboySlim71 23:47 22 Sep 2007

Thanks umbongo(uk)for the reply. Is anyone else with ADSL 24?

  Alf58 00:50 23 Sep 2007

I've been with ADSL24 since July. They are a good isp but the speed they provide does vary. My best speeds are around 5000 kbps but at peak times it can be as low as 1700 kbps. They fitted two new central pipes recently but I guess like eveyone else they are suffering from too many users too little bandwidth. Their customer service is Uk based and is of good quality. I was with BT for years and am more or less pleased I made the change.

  pk46 01:20 23 Sep 2007

Been with them three weeks speedwise i get lowest 2.6MB highest 6.8mg 7MB is the most my exchange can handle i'm about 1.25 miles from exchange and the phone line outside is 41 years old.
Price is fine by me my only gripe is the email and the long email address log on but thats minor.

  FatboySlim71 08:23 23 Sep 2007

Thanks all.

About the best I get with Zen on my up to 8 mb package is around 5400 kbs, and thats if I do a test at this time of day (AM). For example yesterday I done a test at this time and got a 5400 kbs, I done another 3 hours later and got 1453, I done a few more roughly at the same time and got between 1453, 2717, 1186 kbs. The lowest I got was 691 kbs and that was at 12:53 pm yesterday, which for an up to 8 mb package I personally think this is disgraceful.

I know from a test that I done that I am apparently 400 metres from my exchange. I can remember our phone line been installed in 1995, so its a relatively new line.

Alf58 and pk46, do you experience large fluctuations with your down speeds with ADSL 24 as I do with Zen?

  johnnyrocker 08:46 23 Sep 2007

distance from the exchange does not really have any bearing on the matter it is more the way the cable to your house is routed as it is seldom done 'as the crow flies' you may be physically 400 metres away but cable length could be a mile or two.


  Dipso 09:40 23 Sep 2007

The downstream attenuation is the best guide to the distance to the exchange. From another thread the OP's downstream attenuation is 24 which backs up he is reasonably close to the local exchange, not as close as 400m but I'd guess around 1Km.

However, broadly speaking the distance to the exchange is only a factor in the sync/connection speed not the actual download speeds.

  FatboySlim71 10:57 23 Sep 2007

Just to update. I have just looked in my Broadband line data on Zen's web site.

click here

I was wondering what the change is that happened on the 22 September at 0:15 and will this have any bearing to my fluctuating/slow download speeds.

  Dipso 12:28 23 Sep 2007

I have replied on your other thread :)

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