ADSl 2/2+Modm+Wirless-G router+Switch installation

  tondor 09:30 10 Feb 2008

Hi, We bought an ADSl 2/2 + Modem + Wireless-G router + Switch for our son be able to use his laptop for internet purposes. At the moment the main computer is connected to the internet with a SAgem modem am our server is Talk talk.
He has tried to install the new device without any success. We are wondering if the server needs to be notified of this change. Also in the box there is a sticker that says for BT connection (?).
As you can see we have not much idea about this subject. Can anyone help please with some guidance. THANKS!

  crosstrainer 09:37 10 Feb 2008

Model of your new router? Your old modem will become redundant, and you will need your ISP's settings for the new router. This involves:

1) Logging into the new routers admin screen

2) Typing in the new settings from your isp

The page below will give you the required settings, just choose your make and model of adsl modem router.

click here

The BT connection is for your telephone line

Can't help much more until we know make model etc:)

  tondor 00:05 11 Feb 2008

Thanks the make of the ADSL 2/2+Modem+Wireless-G touter+Switch is ZOOM X6 Model 5590. I have followed all the steps required according to the CD Rom and at the end a small window appears saying "Modem not Found"
I spoke to Talk talk and the conexion with the network is ok but I cannot make the modem work.
Does anybody know what to do to "find" the modem?

  ambra4 04:18 11 Feb 2008

What setting are you using to access your ISP

These are the normal setting for a ASDL Broadband Line

Connection Type = PPPoA

VPI/VCI = 0/38

Encapsulation = VCMUX.

User Name & Password that you presently use to access your ISP service

  crosstrainer 07:43 11 Feb 2008

Enabledd your Network adaptor? If this is on board (an integral part of your motherboard) You may need to enter your BIOS screen to enable it.

You can check this by opening device manager from control panel, expanding the newtwork devices tree, and right clicking on your ethernet adaptor entry. If this reports that the device is disabled, Re-boot your PC and tap the DEL key as it boots. BE CAREFUL when making changes to the BIOS settings as incorrect usage can lead to a non-functionaing PC.

Look for the entry (usually in the integrated peripharels section) for your on board lan and make sure it its set to "Enable"

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