adobe/babylon and font colours

  Housten 12:42 23 Jan 2012

Good morning,

I have two problems, and I am hoping that someone will be able to help me.

The first problem I have is really annoying, but it might well be two problems. I know most of you will not remember the problems I had getting rid of adobe flash. It drove me mad but I finally got rid of it by going back to IE8. However I decided that what with what a lot of people were saying about IE9 I should give it another chance. So I did and now I am beginning to regret it - again!!

Every time a new page – at least it appears to be every page – is opened a box appears at the bottom of my screen wanting to install adobe flash!! As I wish absolutely nothing to do with adobe is there any way of stopping this?

My second part of this – and maybe related – problem occurs when I click on the address bar when I open IE9. It has been happening for some time but it didn’t impinge on me and I only really saw it a couple of days ago. There appears to something called ‘babylon’ either trying to install itself and/or other programmes whenever the address bar is used. It also seems to want to install bing(?), twitter and facebook apps or whatever. As I intensely dislike facebook, twitter and all such sites I would like to get rid of this, but have been wondering if it is part of IE9 as I seem to re-call something similar last time I had IE9 – or perhaps I am getting confused, not that hard to do!!

The other problem I have is one of font colours. I somehow changed font colours for the desktop and some – or all? I don’t know, which is part of my problem – programmes and whatever I have tried in order to change the colours back has not worked. So what I am asking is if some kind person could give me an idiot’s guide to changing font colours on the desktop and a general guide for other programmes. I know that it is likely that every programme is different, but I am hoping that there are some instruction(s) that are common to all. At least that is what I am hoping!!

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can resolve these problems I would be very grateful for any and all help/information/advice.

  Woolwell 17:09 23 Jan 2012

You may have been better off starting 3 threads to deal individually with the 3 problems.

I cannot help with Flash.

Babylon is probably a dictionary/translation add-on or toolbar. You must have clicked on something to get this prompt as it doesn't appear by itself. Uninstall Babylon

I think that you have W7 64 bit. To change windows colours/font colours, etc, the right click on the desktop and choose personalize and see whether you have chosen a theme which has changed your settings. Alternatively enter control panel and appearance and personalisation in that you will see options for many changes. If you open windows glass colours and then go to advanced you can change windows font colours. It may be easier to use system restore.

Referring to one of your earlier queries. You can download stock rates in Banktree.

  Housten 17:25 23 Jan 2012


Many thanks for your reply. I thought that if I started 3 threads, everyone may assume I was trying to overwhelm the site - not my intention I assure you.

Thanks for infomation on Banktree, but they were exceedingly off hand with me and I gave up on them!! I have - finally - found a programme that cost a lot more than I intended but - and you have a yearly fee to pay if you want to - there are automatic downloads available and it does far, far more than anything I thought I could get. Having some trouble problems adjusting to the way their programme works but once I am fully into it, it will be a very powerful and useful programme.

  Woolwell 19:31 23 Jan 2012

Did you download and install SIW by any chance? This tries to install Babylon as I've just found out.

  Housten 15:50 27 Jan 2012


Many apologies! I have just found your post!!! What is 'SIW'?? I don't know what it is, BUT if you check out my query 'Annoyances in IE9' there is an answer there from 'rdave13' that may help you.

Best of luck!!

  Woolwell 16:07 27 Jan 2012
  Housten 16:26 27 Jan 2012


I think I have heard of this programme [ siw ] but am not aware of having/installing it!! I clicked on start, typed in 'siw' and got nothing. I tried again with 'System Information for Windows' and got 'Event viewer', which I don't know what event(s) one would need to view or why. I have windows 7 64Bit and if it didn't come as part of that then I don't know when it was installed as I don't remember when I did that. Of course - I have just realised - it could have come with an update and I wouldn't necessarily have known anything about the installation of it.

I don't know what else to suggest, and can only wish you the best of luck for the future, although a query to 'rdave13' may well be your best option as he has given me some marvellous advice.

  Woolwell 16:35 27 Jan 2012

I don't have a snag thank you.

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