Adobe Security Flaws

  birdface 11:43 16 Mar 2011

My computer has been running not as good as usual lately and could not think why but discovered this.

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I had just updated all my adobe programs within the last week or so and thought that maybe this was the problem.
Firefox not running as quick as it should and with the odd website not found box.
So just wondering if it could be an Adobe problem how I am beginning to dislike this W/64bit as everything has to be downloaded in duplicate.
Well maybe not everything but Flash for the 64bit and 32bit,Internet explorer the same 64bit and 32 bit.
No doubt there are others.

  961 11:56 16 Mar 2011

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Suggest you use this each week

Adobe in particular is notorious and sticks in my mind that Firefox has had a security update in the last week or so as well

  birdface 12:25 16 Mar 2011

Hi 961 unfortunately it is also the latest update for those programs so it will not pick it up as out of date.
File size 1,739,024 bytes not sure what that is in Mb but not a lot I assume.
You are right about Firefox with the updates there were 2 in 2 days so maybe that.
A lot of folk were having problems with computers crashing after downloading SP1 but looks like Adobe has the same problem.
i forgot to mention that my computer also had problems yesterday on starting up i cons stayed white for a long time and it was taking ages to run any security programs but a reboot sorted it out.
Looks like i have the pick of 3 problems now it could either be Adobe,SP1 or Firefox.
Firefox 4 is out shortly so will wait for that before removing the version that I have at the moment.
I had a couple of updates for Adobe reader in the last 3 or 4 days also updated their flash programs to the latest versions so it is where to point the finger at the moment.

  961 13:55 16 Mar 2011

Do you use Malwarebytes (free version)?

If not, give it a try. It does the business

As for Firefox 4 (or IE9) I'd wait for a month or so while the bugs get sorted

  961 13:56 16 Mar 2011
  birdface 14:46 16 Mar 2011

I have the pay for version of Emisoft and the trial version of HitmanPro and they find nothing.
I cant see Malwarebytes finding anything that those two programs can't but if it does not get any better I will give Malwarebytes a try.

  961 15:28 16 Mar 2011

If Malwarebytes finds nothing then try a system restore back to before your problem started

  birdface 15:58 16 Mar 2011

Will leave System Restore as a last resort.
Firefox 4 should be out within the next 10 days I believe.
I will remove the old version before installing the new version.
Then if that does not fix it I will uninstall the flash updates and reinstall them.
Then remove SP1 if the flash updates do not help.
Just one of those things you know something is not 100% right but you don't know what.

  birdface 16:06 16 Mar 2011

While on about Adobe I have 6 adobe programs on this computer is there any that is not needed.
2.Adobe Air.
3.Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X.
4.Adobe flash Player Plugin.
5.Adobe Reader 9.4.2 MUI at a whopping 656Mb
6.Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5

All on the computer when Purchased.

  Sea Urchin 16:12 16 Mar 2011

I doubt you need

see here click here

and I would swap Adobe Reader for Foxit Reader. The others you probably need if you watch video etc.

  961 17:01 16 Mar 2011

Firefox 4...I'd leave that for a few weeks until the brave find the bugs. Stick with v3 for now. Just ensure that you have the latest v3 updates by clicking on check for updates in the help menu at top of page

Run Malwarebytes free. It really will do the business. If it finds nothing you can uninstall and nothing lost

Did you run Secunia? It will identify any Adobe that is suspect and show how to update

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