Adobe Reader X problem

  Digital 19:36 26 Nov 2011

I use W7. When I download some pdf docs the usual Print, Copy &c icons are missing from the top left of the screen. I found them near the bottom of the screen but only visible as the mouse pointer passes over them; they are all greyed out & clicking on one has no effect. Does anyone know what is wrong or what i'm missing?

  northumbria61 08:54 27 Nov 2011

Try uninstall/reinstall of Adobe X

  Taff™ 09:16 27 Nov 2011

It may be that these PDF's have security on them that prevents copying, printing etc. If Adobe Reader X is working with other PDF's I suspect this might be the case.

  Digital 21:47 27 Nov 2011

Thanks northumbria61 but I've tried that. I did wonder if the originator had some method of preventing copying/printing but I didn't know if that's possible Taff.

  Taff™ 06:02 28 Nov 2011

Yes it can be done quite easily. As with all security it may be circumvented but for your purposes look at this blog. Workaround

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