Adobe reader question

  golfpro 09:16 10 May 2005

I currently have Adobe reader 6.0 installed, I would like to install version 7.0 with the PDF file reader. I tried to download this but received the message that my B: drive did not have enough space, and to delete files from this to make space. I have deleted temp int files and think I have enough room now, the question is Why would this program be saved in this drive, and would the new program overwrite the old, or should I delete this first.

  Bob The Nob© 09:19 10 May 2005

The new reader will over write the old one, but if not just uninstall the old one.

  golfpro 10:06 10 May 2005

I still can't download Acrobat reader 7.0, it keeps telling me I don't have enough space on my B: drive, although the file is only 19MB and I have 29MB free and I don't seem to have an option to save it anywhere else. I hope someone has an answer to this.

  pauldonovan 10:19 10 May 2005

..did you previously have acrobat installed there (v 6)? If so it is probably sticking to that location.

Try uninstalling 6, then installing 7 and it should give you a choice of new locaton and you can pick another drive with more space.

  octal 12:52 10 May 2005

Are you using Windows 98? If you are, stick with Adobe 6, Adobe 7 is for Windows 2000 and Windows XP and it requires 90MB of disk space: click here

  woodchip 12:55 10 May 2005

Choose save to disk then you can do what you want with it

  DieSse 16:53 10 May 2005

B: drive???? --- nobody has a b: drive these days - it's reserved for a second floppy drive - if it's really saying b: drive, that's the problem - it shouldn't be.

  golfpro 17:41 10 May 2005

I resolved the situation by de-installing the version 6.0 and then installing the version 7.0. It now works OK.
I am interested by what DieSse says should I get rid of this B: drive. I have tried deleting this, but my computer says I can't WHY???

  woodchip 19:28 10 May 2005

Can you put anything on B:\Drive. If you can then leave it alone

  golfpro 07:16 11 May 2005

Having looked into the drive there are two folders, one Recycling and the other temp intenet files which seems to be just full of cookies, but when I tried to delete the drive I got a warning that there were things on there that kept my computer running and that I could not delete it.

  octal 07:37 11 May 2005

I suspect in the Temp Internet Files folder there's a file called index.dat, that is the one you can't delete.

You still haven't given us a clue on what operating system you're using?

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