Adobe reader pagination all askew

  jack 14:37 14 Apr 2008

A manual I have download as PDF is a 12 page item A5 on 3 A4 sheets
It therefore prints 2 pages per side and the next image through should be the backing for the first printed sheet, or print all one side and turn them
But they are not paired that way seemingly
For example front cover -lets all it page 1 should have 12 as its pair and page 2/11 to back it
in fact the next pair through are 4/1 and looking at the remainder there is similar tale of mispairings.
So whats to do.?
On way would seem to be to take a series screen shots[12] and in an image editor[Paint Shop Pro]
page lay out have a shuffle and re pairing- a bit of a head ache maker that.
Any better solutions any one?

  pj123 16:44 14 Apr 2008

Give us a link to this PDF file. Let's all have a go at it.

  Diemmess 16:51 14 Apr 2008

A non-elegant but perhaps better way than imagage making.
I used it to print out only the wanted bits of my laptop manual.
In my case it was easier because the PDF was for successive pages at A5.

On the print menu I chose only the page numbers that I wanted and printed direct to A5 paper.
Having printed on one side only I popped the lot into a cheap (Woolies) ring folder.

If you cannot print a single page at a time and have to accept A4 landscape, you can cut the sheets down to A5 when printed.

I hinted this was lo-tech, but it did give me an easily read manual, and a chance to lose all the extraneous pages which told me nothing.

  UncleP 17:28 14 Apr 2008

The page ordering will depend on whether the printer is capable of single- or double sided printing, and the way in which the finished pages are intended to be bound together.

You say that the first A4 page is (1 + 12), the second (4 + 1); do you really mean that the (A5) page 1 is repeated, or is this an error? Different binding procedures might indeed use either of these combinations, but not both together. I would expect to see the second A4 sheet to carry either (4 + 5) or (4 + 9).

  jack 17:33 14 Apr 2008
  jack 17:37 14 Apr 2008

Here is the link for you to take a peek at.
I have looked at the 'click here' and it appears to be incomplete.
Never the less the pages that came up show what I mean.

I could indeed print off single pages- as I have done in other wordy manuals in the past.
It an interesting exercise however.

  UncleP 03:00 15 Apr 2008

I think it's straightforward enough; it's meant for double-sided printing onto 3 sheets of A4. There are six images which go in order onto the front and reverse of the A4 sheets ie

A4 Sheet 1 front : page 8 + front page (un-numbered)
reverse : page (i) + page 7
A4 Sheet 2 front : page 6 + page (ii)
reverse : page (iii) + page 5
A4 Sheet 3 front : page 4 + page 1
reverse : page 2 + page 3

Of course you need a printer which does double-sided printing for this; if they are coming out in the wrong order - Sheet 1 front followed by Sheet 3 front, as you indicate, it suggests that there is something wrong in the printer set-up.

  UncleP 09:21 15 Apr 2008

Sorry, I'm an idiot! For some reason I had convinced myself that you couldn't alter the page order when printing from a pdf file. Wrong!

Just to prove it (I'm an idiot, I mean), I downloaded the pdf manual and printed it out on my Canon inkjet in two stages - odd pages first, then even pages on the reverse sides with Sheet 1 on top. Came out fine, so now I have a neat manual for a Lazer telephone which will come in real handy should I ever decide to buy that particular model.

  jack 14:41 15 Apr 2008

I too discovered how to sort it.
What threw me was in print preview
front and bvack paired- as did 1 and 4 and 2and 3
It was unnumbered pages- those that show as i and ii and iii that waere the spanner in the works.

Moreover as all this was adawning on me a ring on the doorbell and Mr Parcel Force delivered the item and Lo in the box was the manual.
But lessons were learned so that's OK

Now to play with the new toy.


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