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  J B 16:26 19 May 2005

I recently deleted Adobe Reader 6.0 using the add/remove section of the control panel, then downloaded ADOBE Reader 7.0.1. When I looked in the programs file I found that the folder with the reader 6.0, resources, and updates still there with a file size of 29.2MB. Since I have Adobe Reader 7.0.1 and all updates for the program are up to date, is it safe to delete the old folders from the recycle bin where they are at the moment, or leave them where they are for awhile longer? Thanks for any help. J.B.

  Belatucadrus 17:00 19 May 2005

I'd say it was safe to delete, I always delete old Adobe versions before adding new ones, they never seem very good at clearing out old file associations on updating.

  Pine Man 19:19 19 May 2005

I've just done the same and deleted all the folders referring to v6 with no problems at all.

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