Adobe Reader 9 won't install

  guesswho2 10:09 10 Dec 2008

I have downloaded the exe file from Filehippo. When I run this, it goes through the installation process to 99.9%, then an Epson Utility page appears (that's my scanner) and then hangs. If I close the Epson page, the Adobe installation box disappears and there's no sign of Reader 9.
Can someone help me out?

  Clapton is God 10:18 10 Dec 2008

Did you disable your AV and uninstall any previous versions of Adobe before attempting to install?

  guesswho2 10:26 10 Dec 2008

I did uninstall Adobe Reader 8.1 and then I ran CCleaner. Didn't quit AVG 8 Free.
Is that the answer?

  iscanut 10:28 10 Dec 2008

A long winded way to try if all else fails is to reinstall 8.1 ( if you can ) and then use it's update function rather than a separate download.

  guesswho2 10:36 10 Dec 2008

mmmm - difficult to do that now Nuts

  Batch 11:36 10 Dec 2008

You might like to try a better, lighter touch pdf reader like Foxit click here

  Seth Haniel 11:53 10 Dec 2008

gets to 99.9% then says can't write to registry key - have been through process of taking control of registry key etc and still get no further than 99.9% and same error - think Epson colour printer also there in the background -so may be some clash of interests.

will watch thread ;)

  iscanut 13:45 10 Dec 2008

Not difficult..all previous versions are available on the File Hippo page click here..

  guesswho2 15:33 10 Dec 2008

Ah!!! Thanks Nuts, I'll try one of those.

  guesswho2 15:59 10 Dec 2008

Hello again Nuts. That was a good idea of yours!
I downloaded Reader 8.1.2 with no prob. and updated within the prog. to 8.1.3 - which took some time but went without any hiccups. Then I was offered 9.0 but I'll stay with 8.1.3 for now, just in case!
Thanks for your help. I'll mark as resolved.

  iscanut 17:25 10 Dec 2008

Glad all is OK. No reason why version 8 should not do everything you need. I often wonder what the newer versions offer, although sometimes it is improved security.

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