Adobe PS CS2

  Ronyap 21:05 15 May 2006

if you do use this program, I really need help. Every time I create a layer, it becomes auotmatically rasterized, and so causing me not able to rub anything out or do basically anything. Any help appreciated.


  Ronyap 21:15 15 May 2006

Now that I have looked closer, i dont think it is the rasterized problem, it just says: 'Could not complete your request because of a program error' =(

  Ronyap 21:50 15 May 2006

Do not worry anyone, I have finally fixed the prob. All I had to do was change the colour of the rub ber, as orange cannot rub out orange lol. =)

  Polopaul69™ 01:05 16 May 2006

You might wanna click - RESOLVED. As the thread still open and we can't always tell if you still need help. Cheers

  Ronyap 22:56 16 May 2006

Ok, thanks, but now i still need help. That message has popped up again...but this time, it is not when I was rubbing, it is when I am actually trying to paint with a brush.

The thing is, I can actually paint on some layers and some not. If I open up a completely new document (I dont know wat u call it, and not a new layer btw) the paint brushes will definitely work. I have tried using different colours to paint, but that message still popps up. I dont know why.

The weird bit is where it can paint on some layers but not others, this tells us that it is not something wrong with the program, but something wrong with the layer or something.

=) Hope this is not confusing.

  Skills 23:04 16 May 2006

When you are working on the layer have you made sure that you have it selected as the layer you are working on?

  Ronyap 23:09 16 May 2006

Hey, people, I have just found out a clue. If I open a layer, and try to paint onto it, it wont work, the message will come up. But then, If I insert a picture that will nearly cover up the page (Basically big) , and THEN paint, it will work.

However, if I insert a TINY picture, and then paint it wont WORK! There is really something strange here. So is it trying to tell me, that if I want to paint, I would need a big picture that nearly covers up the page? But this is not true as if I open up a completely new document and paint it works.

Oh and I forgot to tell you people, that when I started this documents I used cm instead of pixels for measurements, but I doubt this will affect it.

This program is really freaking me out, what is the difference between big and small, why wont it just let me paint!?


  Rtus 23:15 16 May 2006

I dont use it but remember earlier versions Of adobe Photoshop doing wierd things when there were lots of temp files still on drive.clearing them & restarting ph-shop then reacted as it should. it may not be answer n your case but worth looking .

  Skills 23:16 16 May 2006

Im still a novice when it comes to photoshop but what sort of layer are you trying to work on, are you just creating a new blank layer and then pasting a picture in or?

  flyingbrit 00:11 17 May 2006

Try putting your question on a specialised forum such as this one click here I have been a member for a short while and it's opening my eyes to what is possible in PS. Hope this helps....britsdad.

  Ronyap 12:11 17 May 2006

Skills, I am creating a new game cover for my technology. I have a lot of layers, and if I create a new layer (completely new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)and paste a big picture onto it, it lets me paint, but if I paste a small picture onto this layer, it wont let me paint. But if I open up a completely new layer on a new document it works. Too confusing =(. Thanks flyingbrit, ill try =) And Ill also try ur idea Rtus.

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