Adobe programs and B&W

  MIke 21:04 09 Aug 2006

Hi Any Photoshop Elements experts out there???

I have a very strange problem which I just cannot get my head around or solve. It involves the display of Black and White photos on my PC monitor. I'll try to keep it simple but here goes.

If I convert a colour photo to b&W in Photoshop Elements V 2 It has a sepia tinge. If I save it as jpg then open it up in Serif Photoplus 6 it is true black and white.

If I convert a photo to black and white in Serif Photoplus 6 and save as a jpg Then open it in Elements it appears in true black and white.

Even more confusingly, I use Adobe Photoshop Album
V2 and all my black and white photos appear on there with the same sepia tinge. Irrespective of how they appear in elements.

I've downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS2 to see how that handles black and white , and again all my b&W photos appear with a sepia tint.

The only true b&W I get is by using Photoplus to convert to B&W, and then the only Adobe program that displays it correctly is Elements.

Incidentally when I print out these photos, they print in true black and white.

Any ideas what's going on???

This is really doing my head in!

  cycoze 23:27 09 Aug 2006

Check and see what colours your working in to start with, ie: RGB, CMYK, LAB, Multi channel, in both programs, if they are different then set Elements to whatever Serif Photoplus 6 is using, multi channel converted to greyscale would give a definite tinge (doubt you have it set to that though).

Not sure if Elements has Channel Mixer under the Image Adjustments tab (photoshop has it so you can at least try it in your trial), but if it has try using that to convert to B/W, check the monochrome box and play with the sliders, try to keep to 100% total across the thre, ie: red 60%, green 20&, blue 20%, you should find you get a more pleasing B/W.

  MIke 19:34 10 Aug 2006

Thanks for the response. I've checked and all my files are RGB in the three editing programs. As far as I can see Photoshop Album has no way of changing colours anyway. Elements doesn't have channel mixer, but trying it in the cs2 trial made no difference still a reddish - sepia tinge.

Incidentally all the B&W show fine in Photoplus, firefox, windows picture viewr and internet explorer, it's just the Adobe programs. There must be a global setting somewhere affecting the three programs, but I just don't know where to look.

  NotsoNewuser 19:37 10 Aug 2006

I've always had a very good response from phoning the Adobe help line.

  Fellsider 19:50 10 Aug 2006

How are you doing this?

1, Desaturate


2, Grayscale

You may get different results depending which you use.

  MIke 20:09 10 Aug 2006

Makes no difference which I use. It's only the Adobe programs that are affected. I've also got Proshow gold for making slideshows, and pictures which are in black and white display as such, no tinge at all.

I have a canon printer, and things like Photorecord, and easy photo-print also display true b&w, which makes me think there is a setting somewhere in adobe programs that needs altering.

I'll have to try the Adobe helpline as NotsoNewuser has suggested.


  cycoze 20:55 10 Aug 2006

is that Adobe RGB or sRGB? there is a difference, i wonder if your other programs are using sRGB and the Adobe programs using Adobe RGB.

also worth checking in Elements or CS2 under Edit>Colour Settings, firstly to change the RGB, secondly to see if you can use your Monitors colour profile, worth a fiddle with, just remember your settings so you can put them back if you need to.

  MIke 21:11 10 Aug 2006


I wish I'd read your last reply before trawling through Adobe help pages!

Anyway I found someone there with a related problem, all her colour photos had an orange tinge. One of the suggestions was to load a different colour profile for her monitor. This she did and cured her problem.

I've just done the same using Adobe RGB 1998. It hasn't made any discernible difference to the colour images, which were perfectly acceptable anyway, but it has cured my B&W problem.

All my B&W now display as B&W in all tested programs.

Thanks for all the suggestions


  cycoze 21:19 10 Aug 2006

well at least you have it sorted now, i have to work with three monitors and calibration is a pain, i use a Mitsubishi profile which i find rock solid, but when viewed on other screens can look a bit dark so have to lighten images a little to suit.

  MIke 21:55 10 Aug 2006

Just done some printing and colours are even closer now to those displayed on screen, so I'm pretty pleased at last!

All the best


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