Adobe Premiere 6 video editing

  Boy Zone 12:25 23 Feb 2003

I have loads of VHS tapes that I wish to transfer onto my HD, and eventually transfer onto DVD when I get one.
The problem I'm having is, after spending hours trying to understand Adobe, and importing some video, I thought that Adobe converted these files into Mpeg format. Now I realise they are all avi files, what do I do now? I believe to render these into Mpeg will take hours and Hours. I did save my finished fil project, can't recall the extention. Before I buy a DVD writer I want to know what I must do now with this video.
I have a Gainward Ti4200 128 video card 120 HD and Pent4.
The video card came with WinProducer which can import analogue video, but having bought Adobe I would like to now fully use this.
Await your help.

  y_not 17:30 23 Feb 2003

it always saves as an AVI file.

At this point you can edit, add titles etc. until you are happy with the results.

Then you need to encode it, if you want to output to either SVCD or DVD you need to choose to encode to MPEG2 format (for VDC use MPEG1).

After the file has been encoded burn the MPEG file to SVCD/DVD.

Speed of encoding is dependant on the CPU and system spec but it does take time (I usually go to bed and leave it working).

You can download an encoder from click here

  Boy Zone 19:56 23 Feb 2003

Thanks y_not, but which encoder do I choose? There seems to be alot there shall I choose the 25.10 ver?
I know I'm asking for as much help as I can get, but once I'm happy with the film, transitions and all, do I save this project, as I recall, when I did it had a pp extention., and then how do I encode this. I know nothing at this stage.
Its a mine field, who said video editing was simple..

  siouxah1 20:30 23 Feb 2003

Boy Zone,

have used V version in the past. So .10 should be OK if it is the free one. Not really clued up with tmpenc but there is a preset for SVCD or VCD so you will only need to follow the wizard like windows. Really it is a matter of dragging in the .AVI file to encode. Save this to your hard disc. You can write to CD from this mpeg file.

I find it easier to use Nero.This will take the AVI file and encode it to the correct type for SVCD or VCD and I assume DVD formats as it writes to the disc or to an image. You just need to drag the file into a window and it will do the rest, including the additional files required for each format.

With Nero you will need to purchase an SVCD encoder for about £10 from their site. Not sure about VCD. I'm sure there are more burning progs out there that will do the job.

Make sure you have lots of time for the encoding. It depends on your CPU etc as to how long, but look to at least x3 per video time length. eg. about 3 hours per hour of video. Could be longer or shorter.

It can be both frustrating and time consuming, but well worth the effort as you watch the first endeavour.

Regards Brian J

PS. What I tend to do is save the encoded file to hard disc once the edit is complete. Then use this to write to CD. There is a time penalty in writing your masterpiece to HDD as an avi. Be prepared for a longish wait. You might as well do it this way as if you save as a project you will still need to render your edit to output.

  siouxah1 20:38 23 Feb 2003


Para 3 - delete 'Not sure about VCD'

insert 'Not sure about DVD'

It is VCD enabled as purchased.

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