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  ArrGee 22:29 07 Nov 2006

Any thoughts much appreciated...

I have created a video on Adobe Premier which consists of a bunch of stills that go to music. Being a novice on this application, looking for some help.

The total length of the video is about 5 mins long. On exporting to AVI, the file size is 1447 mb. I would like to put this on Google video or YouTube.

What is the best way of reducing the size of the output without jeapodising quality (too much)?

Or can I go with a different type of output?

  fitshase 23:09 07 Nov 2006

Best to go for an MPEG output. Adobe Premiere has a setting for "video for web" which will compress it to a suitable size for the internet.

If you try to put the AVI on the web it will take all week to upload and will probably be bounced by the site. In addition, 1.4GB for 5 mins is a bit too much for anyone!

I would recommend trying a different package as Adobe Premiere is pretty high end (and expensive) to use just for putting photos/stills to music. Have you tried MS Movie Maker built into XP?

  BT 08:03 08 Nov 2006

If you only want to do stills to music its worth downloading Photo Story 3 for Windows from the Windows website.
Its an excellent program for making slideshows with lots of transitions and panning and zoom functions. You can add music and commentary. The only downside is that you can't make DVDS from it.

  ArrGee 08:18 08 Nov 2006

Thanks peeps.

fitshase - I've tried MS Movie Maker, but getting the timing just right with the music proved to be a pain.

BT - Not too bothered about putting it on a DVD, but is Photo Story 3 good for timing music with stills?

  ArrGee 08:32 08 Nov 2006

Having a bit of a dumb morning!

I can't seem to find the option for exporting on the 'video for web' option.

Could you give me a step-through?

(Premier 1.5 Pro)

  ArrGee 09:09 08 Nov 2006

Ah ha! Using Media Encoder I've managed to reduce the size to 13.4 mb!

Cheers to all.

  BT 08:13 09 Nov 2006

You shouldn't have any trouble timing photos to music as you can alter the length of time that each picture is displayed. As to the CD/DVD problem I have found that the files produced can be loaded into Video programs like VideoStudio and Nero and CD/DVDs produced in this way. Photo Story itself has an option to produce a file for Email which should suit what you want.
The download is free from Windows web site so why not have a look at it.

  ArrGee 14:24 10 Nov 2006

Thanks. I'll give it a go.

  martd77 15:51 10 Nov 2006

Ive tried photo story 3 but the limitaton is you can only put one piece of music on or so i found and also if the music is shorter than the slideshow,the music ends,using roxio media creator the slideshow is automatically synced to end at the same time as the music.
By the way roxio media creator 9 is an excellent product for this,it will convert your files to lots of different formats to suit.

  ArrGee 09:33 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for your input. I have managed to create the video in Premier Pro, and reduced it enough for release on YouTube and Google Video.

But I will have a look at Roxio as well.


  BT 08:21 12 Nov 2006

Here is an extract from the Help file:-

'Adding background music to your story

You can add background music that plays during your story. A different piece of music can play for each picture or for a group of pictures. You can add as many pieces of music to a story as there are pictures in the story.'

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